Queenstown Lakes District County

Queenstown Lakes District, Otago, New Zealand

Westland District County

Westland District, West Coast, New Zealand

Wanaka Town

Wanaka, New Zealand

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1. Rob Roy Glacier 2. That Wanaka Tree 3. Roy’s Peak 4. Treble Cone 5. Flying around Mt. Aspiring

Queenstown Town

Queenstown, New Zealand

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An awesome lonely guitarist in Queenstown.
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Get detailed Queenstown travel tips including where to eat, best hotels & campgrounds, and awesome things to do in Queenstown. The Sherwood: I ate at the Sherwood 3 times. It’s one of the few places in Queenstown that puts a big emphasis on local food, with many of the ingredients grown right there on site. My first meal there was at lunch time, when I had the best homemade veggie burger of my life (and that’s no joke!).
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The best hiking trails in and around Queenstown, New Zealand

Auckland City

Auckland, New Zealand

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VISIT: Waiheke Island. Wake up, take the ferry to Waiheke Island, and discover why Aucklanders spend so much time on the water. Just 30 minutes from downtown, Waiheke was once known for its hippie culture, and while this is still evident, it’s now an upmarket destination and the playground of wealthy Aucklanders. Enjoy lunch at a vineyard with sweeping views of the Waitemata harbour, such as Cable Bay or Mudbrick. Follow up lunch with a tasting of locally produced wines, then catch a bus or taxi to a beautiful beach on the island; Oneroa affords spectacular views, and if the searing New Zealand sun is out, I’d recommend you take a dip in the fresh, cool waters.
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A comprehensive budget travel guide to Auckland, New Zealand with tips and advice on things to see/do, ways to save money, places to stay, and cost information.

Mackenzie District County

Mackenzie District, Canterbury, New Zealand

Franz Josef Glacier Town

Franz Josef Glacier 7886, New Zealand

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14th – 17th July 2016  We arrived in Franz Josef around lunchtime all feeling very hungover from the previous night at Lake Mahinapua. Before checking in we all went to sign up to v…
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It’s this tiny town’s biggest tourist draw — a 12km long glacier.

Arthur's Pass Town

Arthur's Pass 7875, New Zealand

Selwyn District County

Selwyn District, Canterbury, New Zealand

Christchurch City

Christchurch, New Zealand

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We went to the Gondola straight from the airport. Weather was perfect for this – just a couple of tiny clouds, blue sky and great visibility from the top. The ride up was fun, with the views becoming more and more interesting the higher we were.
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When someone comes to visit me, the first place I take them is the Christchurch Farmers’ Market (Saturdays from 9am-1pm). It’s a local favorite and you’ll find lots of small local food producers all in one place.

Te Anau Town

Te Anau, New Zealand

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Te Anau.
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I have posted below in my gallery a few pics of Te Anau – but they don’t really do it justice – it is such a beautiful lake. I wrote about visiting Lake Mistletoe on my last blog post, so there are a few photos of that. We also spent time in the evening in Te Anau watching the sunset, and having fun with a funny fish photo thing – see pics! We also enjoyed a lovely pizza at Ristorante Pizzeria Da’ Toni – where the service was lovely and friendly and the food was delicious.
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I spent about eight nights total in Te Anau, finding the town very pleasant and relaxing. It seats right next to beautiful Lake Te Anau, and has a few nice cafes and a couple of supermarkets pretty well stocked for preparing for treks. The people I met in the hostels were all pretty friendly, unlike the ones I met in Queenstown. Most people come to Te Anau to enjoy nature instead of partying.

Hokitika Town

Hokitika, New Zealand

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Hokitika gorge walk Pizza at Fat Pipis Hokitika Museum Hokitika Beach Dorothy Falls Lunch at Lake Kaniere

Fairlie Town

Fairlie 7987, New Zealand

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I made it in time for the alpaca tour at 11am. You can either book online or walk in. I did the latter and we were the only ones here! Perks of coming early. It’s $20/pax for around 1 hour and this cost less than other places I found which is nearer to Christchurch. This is my first time coming up close and personal with alpacas and I was very excited about this.

Fox Glacier Town

Fox Glacier 7886, New Zealand

Grey District County

Grey District, West Coast, New Zealand

Harewood District

Harewood, Christchurch 8051, New Zealand

Harihari Hari Hari Town

Harihari 7884, New Zealand

Milford Sound Village

Milford Sound, New Zealand

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Gorgeous. 漂亮。
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After the cruise, enjoy the view while eating our snack. Weather is too perfect. 刚出海回来,边吃行动粮边看风景。天气与风景都太完美了。
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A New Zealand flightless bird which look like a chicken, maybe it's Weka. Plenty of them walking around in Milford Sound.

Twizel Town

Twizel, New Zealand

Arrowtown Town

Arrowtown, New Zealand

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The outlook feels like a cowboy town, with quite a few eating options. There is a nice park next to it with some walking options, and the houses in the surrounding neighborhood is pretty good looking. 感觉好像一个牛仔小镇,傍边有个不错的河边公园,附近的房子也很别致。
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Walking through Arrowtown, it’s easy to forget that you’re visiting a real place and not the set of a movie. Mountains loom over the quaint shops and cafes lining Buckingham Street. The whole place is super clean. Buildings built during the gold rush have been restored.
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Arrowtown definitely ranks as one of the cutest places I’ve ever visited and I think it’s a place with universal appeal: it’s perfect for couples wanting a romantic get away, families with kids who want somewhere quiet and comfortable to explore and friends who are looking for a fun weekend away. If you’re planning to visit the south island of New Zealand, you must include at least a few days in Arrowtown to your itinerary.

Frankton Town

Frankton, IN 46044, USA

Gibbston Village

Gibbston 9371, New Zealand

Haast Town

Haast 7886, New Zealand

Hornby District

Hornby, Christchurch, New Zealand

Crown Range Road Street

Crown Range Rd, Otago, New Zealand

Devonport Village

Devonport, Auckland 0624, New Zealand

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A pretty nice suburban area to walk around, more interesting than Auckland CBD. 塔船过海,这地方不错,蛮漂亮而感觉舒适,比Auckland市中心更好。
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(1)Victoria St. 離開轉運站後,走路約莫3分鐘就會來到主街道Victoria Rd.,這䩞街算是Devonport最熱鬧的街道,鎮上的所有特色小店都集結於此,喜歡逛小店的朋友應該會很喜歡,如果行程沒那麼趕的話甚至可以在這裡吃個簡單的早午餐再回到奧克蘭也是不錯的選擇。
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Devonport位在奧克蘭市區的北邊,隔著一條Waitemata Harbor(懷特馬他港) 可以開車從奧克蘭市區往North Shore過去,車程大約20-25分鐘 如果你沒開車也不用擔心,可以選擇從奧克蘭碼頭(Auckland Harbor)搭乘渡輪前往(約10分鐘)

Parnell District

Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand

Burnside District

Burnside, Christchurch, New Zealand

Garston Town

Garston 9793, New Zealand

Kawarau Gorge Road Street

Kawarau Gorge Rd, Otago 9384, New Zealand