Pinewood Lodge Hotel

48 Hamilton Rd, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

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  • 2017-11-13 06:14:31+00:00
We got a private room in a house with 2 other rooms, 1 shared bathroom with kitchen and living area. Less people than a normal hostel.

Sir Cedrics Tahuna Pod Hostel Hotel

11 Henry St, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

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  • 2017-11-10 06:49:24+00:00
This pod hostel is pretty awesome, you can have a double bed in a single pod, where each room has about 4 pods with its own mini kitchen, living room and balcony. You can have the best of budget pricing and privacy. 太棒的Pod Hostel,一个Pod可是一个双人床。一间房可容下四个Pod,有一个迷你厨房,小客厅和阳台。在Hostel界中,这算非常创新又合预算有限有希望有私人空间的旅客。

Highcroft AirBnB - Wanaka Hotel

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  • 2017-11-09 20:13:42+00:00
Final self-made breakfast at Highcroft Wanaka. 在Highcroft的最后一顿晚早餐,与主人Terry告别后前往Queenstown的路程。