Seomyeon First Street Seomyeon 1 Beonga, 서면1번가 Attraction

Bujeon-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan-si 부산 부산진구 부전동

As one of the busiest streets in Busan, Seomyeon 1 Beonga is also known as the Art Street. It stretches over 330m (8m in width) connecting former Cheonujang and the LG Service Center.

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Night time at Seomyeon
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First street is also know as Art street and there you can find endless stalls of street food. Korean street food is part of the adventure when travelling in Korea you have to try it!
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It’s huge, busy, and crowded. Thanks to its popularity, the commerce spontaneously developed. You can do almost everything here. Movies, restaurants, coffees, garaokes, pocket ball, billiards, shooting, dvd, pubs, bars, clubs, and whatever.

송도해안산책로 松島海岸散步路 Attraction

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松島海岸散步路(송도해안산책로) 給我 無限驚喜 049.gif ,因為它不是平平淡淡走完岸邊 除了數個凸出的海中觀景台,還有玻璃吊橋、隨時可下去岸邊釣魚挖淡菜、沒有柵欄的平坦岸邊玩水、一望無際的海景、一路和影島對眼相望…等等

Yeojwacheon Stream 여좌천 벚꽃명소, Cherry Blossom Road Attraction

Yeojwa-dong, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do 경상남도 창원시 진해구 여좌동 (여좌동)

The area around Yeojwacheon Stream is well known as one of Jinhae’s best spots for viewing cherry blossoms. It is also the location of the bridge where the two leading characters, Gwanu and Chaewon of "Romance (2002)," MBC’s TV series, first met as tourists who came to Jinhae to enjoy Jinhae Gunhangje Festival. After the episode was aired, the bridge instantly became popular and widely known as the Romance Bridge. Each April, the entire city of Jinhae is filled with cherry blossoms, but the Yeojwacheon Stream area has the most beautiful cherry blossoms which makes it a prime tourist attraction.

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Like I said, 9 hours in bus in one day may sound like a lot, but it’s absolutely worth it, especially if you’ve never seen cherry blossoms before. The sight will take your breath away, and there’s no better place to see them in South Korea than here in Jinhae. If you do decide to go next season, remember that the two best places to see them are Yeojwacheon stream (여좌천) and Gyeonghwa train station (경화역 벚꽃길). We didn’t have time to check out Gyeonghwa station but it’s said to be incredibly beautiful as well, with cherry blossoms filling out either side of the train tracks. If you have time, then I suggest making a trip there as well.

Busan Coastal Scenery Viewing Space 역사의 디오라마, 영주삼거리 Attraction

South Korea

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如果天氣好、有藍天的話,應該會很美! 晚上也可以來這裡看夜景! 這個方向看過去是釜山站及南浦洞、龍頭山公園
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상념 3 민주공원을 거닐 때부터 나의 2010년 이전과 이후의 변화를 생각하면서 중앙공원을 거쳐 2012년 초부터 공사할 때부터 부산의 전망의 한 눈에 내려다 볼 수 있는 역사의 디오라마를 주목했었고 2차례 차례 이상 사진을 찍어서 올렸던 부산 해안경관 조망공간 디오라마까지 걸어내려왔다. 3번째 방문이지만 공사가 완전히 끝난 후의 첫 방문이었다.

Choi Champandaek 최참판댁, House of Choi Champan Attraction

76-23, Pyeongsari-gil, Agyang-myeon, Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do 경상남도 하동군 악양면 평사리길 76-23 (악양면)

Located in a small folk literature village in Agyang-myeon, Pyeongsa-ri along the Seomjingang River at the foot of Jirisan Mountain, Choe Champandaek consists of fourteen hanok (Korean traditional house) buildings.

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한국 대하소설의 백미로 꼽히는 박경리의 ‘토지’, 그 토지를 배경으로 지은 마을이 하동 최참판댁이다. 실재하지 않았던 마을을 소설 속에 나온 배경을 그대로 본떠 지은 가상 속의 마을인 셈이다.

Gyeonghwa Station 진해 경화역, 경화역 벚꽃길 Attraction

Gyeonghwa-dong, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do 경상남도 창원시 진해구 진해대로 648 (경화동) 일대

Yeongdo Sky Observatory 영도하늘전망대, 影島天空展望台 Attraction

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天空展望台(하늘전망대),或是你要稱呼它為影島的天空步道也可以。:P 算是影島一個滿知名的展望台,所以遊客其實不算少。

정거마을 벽화거리 錠巨村壁畫村 Attraction

556 Gadeokhaean-ro 2(i)beon-gil, Gangseo-gu, Busan, South Korea 부산 강서구 가덕해안로2번길 556

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在整面牆上畫上房子、廣闊草原、悠閒晒衣服,有讓人放鬆的感覺!好想住進去!!! 《必娶女人》取景地 對了,來到這裡記得一定要吃新鮮的짬뽕(海鮮麵)

Jirisan Trail: Ssang-gyesa Temple - Samsinbong Attraction

Samsinbong Peak Course (삼신봉코스) (5 hr / 8.3km) Ssanggyesa Temple (쌍계사) - Buril falls (불일폭포) - Samsinbong (삼신봉)

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Hiking to Samsinbong from Ssang-gyesa Temple, one way distance of 9km (5 hours one way). The weather is misty and raining, can't get any view at the top but the mist disperse partially on the way down. Autumn foliage is minimal. The hike is good, but also painfully long. There are shorter hike to Samsinbong from other villages.

Seomyeon 서면 Attraction

Seomyeon is the commercial center and transportation hub in Busanjin-gu, Busan, South Korea. Seomyeon is also the most crowded area in Busan, having a floating population of 165,300 a day.

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Seomyeom subway station, with luggage locker and underground shopping, connected to Lotte shopping center.

Simni (10ri) Cherry Blossom Road 십리벚꽃길 Attraction

Samsin-ri, Hwagae-myeon, Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

Cherry blossoms cover Simni (10ri*) Cherry Blossom Road from Hwagae Market to Ssanggyesa Temple. Along with Gurye's sansuyu flowers, Hwagae's cherry blossoms symbolize the onset of spring at Jirisan Mountain. Every year in March and April, the cherry blossom road draws in many visitors.

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봄의 아름다움은 밝고 초롱초롱하고 아 정말 예쁘군요 벚꽃 !

Songdo Cloud Trails 송도구름산책로, 송도해수욕장스카이워크, Songdo Beach Skywalk, 松島天空步道, 松島雲端散步路 Attraction

129-4 Amnam-dong, Seo-gu, Busan, South Korea

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景色真的很美,在這裡你可以盡情的放空、發呆,享受空氣中完全沒有壓力的舒服 我們在這裡停留了好一陣子,拍了好多照片,才滿意的往回走

Yu Chi-hwan's Mailbox 유치환의우체통, 柳致環郵筒 Attraction

827-44, Choryang 6(yuk)-dong, Dong-gu, Busan, South Korea 부산 동구 망양로580번길 2

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這裡可以看到釜山港大橋全景!是很好的展望台之一! 從一旁的階梯往下走,可以看到展覽咖啡館,這裡可以買明信片,寫好就可以投入紅色郵筒。(寄國際的話記得補足郵資 400韓元) 但記住,展覽咖啡館每周一休館....ㅠㅠ

Agyang-myeon 악양면 Attraction

Agyang-myeon, Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea 경남 하동군 악양면

Agyang-myeon’s unique atmosphere invokes feelings of nostaligia as well as fresh natural scents of the outdoors. At the foot of the mountain is a time-honored wild tea field that has existed more than 1,300 years. Green tea from Hadong has long been known as superior to all other green teas.

Hapcheon Hwangmaesan Royal Azalea Festival 합천 황매산 철쭉제 Attraction

Hwangmaesan-ro, Hapcheon-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do 경상남도 합천군 가회면 둔내리 산 219-24

The Hwangmaesan Royal Azalea Festival is held every year in May at Hwangmaesan County Park. The festival started in 1997 as an effort by local and overseas residents to preserve the azalea fields through hosting local cultural events.

Jirisan National Park (Hadong) 지리산국립공원(하동) Attraction

Beomwang-ri, Hwagae-myeon, Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do 경남 하동군 화개면 , 범왕리

The Hadong (하동) part of Jirisan National Park is full of great tourist attractions such as Ssanggyesa Temple, Chilbulsa Temple, Bulil Falls, Hwagye Valley, Cheonghak-dong Village and Doinchon Town.