Museo Palatino - Fori Romani Attraction

Via San Gregorio, 30, Rome, Italy


Antoninus and Faustina Temple Attraction

Rome, Italy

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The Temple of Antoninus and Faustina (Templum Divi Antonini et Divae Faustinae) was  built by the emperor Antoninus Pius in A.D. 141 on the north side of the Via Sacra shortly after the death of his wife, the empress Faustina. When Antoninus Pius died in A.D. 161 (on 7th March), the temple was re-dedicated to…

Roman Forum Forum Romanum, Foro Romano Attraction

Via della Salaria Vecchia, 5/6, Rome, Italy

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People usually visit Colosseum + Roman Forum/Palatine Hill together. Roman Forum/Palatine Hill is a vast area of Roman ruins (plenty of walking) with plenty to see even for a non-history buff. It's easily accessible within the city, taking the Metro stopping at Colosseo. We bought out ticket at the Palatine Hill entrance, as the Colosseum entrance is too crowded.

Arch of Titus Attraction

Via Sacra, Rome, Italy