Jok Prince โจ๊กปรินซ์, 王子大戲院豬肉粥 Restaurant

1391, Charoen Krung Road, Bang Rak, Khet Bang Rak, Bangkok, 10500, 10500, Thailand

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肉大塊又鮮,碗粿還在品嘗的時候,肉圓已經像餓死鬼投胎一般,把粥吃的精光,又叫了一碗,才終於心滿意足。 這粥真的是泰國之旅不能錯過的美味阿~
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What they sell is very simple. Porridge with Minced Pork Balls with options of internal organs, raw egg and century egg. What is special here is that the porridge is well boiled and cooked, making it very smooth and the attraction is it’s “wok hei” (smoky heat from the cooking).


Sornthong Restaurant ศรทองโภชนา, Sornthong Phochana, 頌通酒家 Restaurant

2829-31 Rama 4 Rd. Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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「冬粉焗蝦」300 Baht 愛吃冬粉的我最期待這道菜了 份量感非常的大 一上桌就能聞到鍋子內的蝦鮮及薑片的味道 整鍋吃起來的味道很像是「三杯冬粉」的感覺
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This restaurant definitely goes on my list when I have guests. Last but not least, you can bring your own bottle of wine, as the restaurant does not charge any corkage fee.
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On Lok Yun 安樂園, ออน ล๊อก หยุ่น Restaurant

72 Charenkrung Road, Wang Burapha Phirom, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

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A simple meal, but nice and cheap.
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SO is On Lok Yun as much of a “MUST-VISIT” place like what everyone says? Well… If you’re intending to tour around the Chinatown area, then why not? Otherwise, if this is out of the way and you’ve difficulties in fitting this in your itinerary, I’d say skip it. The food here isn’t out of this world, just plain classic old breakfast you could really just whip up on your own, really. It’s probably just the ambience, the effort to get here, and the taste of the food that brings back the kind of homely happiness and nostalgia that keeps people coming back whenever there are in Bangkok! Hey, not forgetting they have accidentally photogenic tables too!

Kuai Chap Mr. Joe ก๋วยจั๊บมิสเตอร์โจ Restaurant

313/7 Chan Road (near Soi Chan 44) Wat Phraya Krai, Bang Kho Laem Bangkok 10120 Thailand

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In short, if you are a local, it won't be difficult for you to pay this place a visit. However, for traveller, it can be tedious to reach this Kuai Chap place. Unless you stop by during lunch on your way to Asiatique which is not far from this place. Anyway, it is good and is worth a visit.

Sabx2 Wanton Mee บะหมี่แสบคูณ 2 Restaurant

4/32-33 Soi Phetchaburi 19, Thanon Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

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整體來說,蟹肉加入雲吞麵並沒有讓我太驚喜,反倒我傾向於在夜市或街邊小食攤吃湯的雲吞麵,加入辣椒粉和糖,更顯泰式雲吞麵的味道呢。豬腳飯我也覺得還好,並不是特別好吃的豬腳飯。 基本上,這家Pratunam名店,我會給“普通”的評分。
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Greased with pork lard and served with crab meat. The noodles are small in portion but oh so good! The wanton as well. Very yummy!

Odean Noodle โอเดียน บะหมี่เกี๊ยว, Crab Noodle Soup, 興來飯店 Restaurant

724 Charoenkrung Road, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok

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150B一碗的蟹螯麵會貴嗎? 乍聽之下好像會覺得有點貴,但類似的單支蟹螯麵我在paragon美食街也有看到,直接貴100賣250B,在興來飯店可以吃到兩支蟹螯了。 所以我想是不貴啦,當作體驗嘗鮮,而且真的還滿好吃的,推薦大家來試試。
  • 2016-06-10 00:00:00+00:00
I definitely would like to go back and here and order the regular crab and wanton noodles so I can feel like I’m getting a better deal. It definitely was worth US$9 to me, but seeing as I could get crab and wanton noodles for less than US$2 at other locations (even though of lesser quality), I just felt like I was getting ripped off a little. But as I said, their crab noodle soup is very refined and the quality of their crab meat very high, and I’m sure their noodles are priced fairly.
  • 2015-10-12 00:00:00+00:00
來這裡吃麵千萬別錯過他們的炸雲吞!!! 因為雲吞皮內包著的是整只蝦,而且整個炸得非常漂亮,酥脆而不油膩! 重點重點,10粒才賣THB30!!! 不吃根本就是對不起自己的嘴巴哩!

Inter Restaurants ร้านอาหาร อินเตอร์ Restaurant

432/1-2 Siam Square Soi 9 (Rama I Rd), Pathum Wan, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand.

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We were satisfied with our meal and leave without disappointment. If you are looking for delicious high CP value meal, you should pay your visit here! Food - 4.5/5 Price - 4.5/5 Service - 4/5 (Staff were friendly) Ambiance - 4/5 (Clean and comfy)

Chinatown Scala Restaurant

483-5, Yaowarat Road, Samphantawon, Bangkok, Thailand

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And of Coz, the crab vermicelli! Everything I'm here, they run out of the crab claw one! But the tang Hoon for this is just so damn good. Going for $1000 baht. The flavour is so good!

Ba hao 八號 Restaurant

8 Soi Nana, Maitri Chit Rd., Pom Prap, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100.

an oriental-style bar offering China's favorite street food and selection of beers

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Heng Heng Chicken Rice เฮง เฮง ข้าวมันไก่ตอน-ไก่ทอด, 興興海南雞飯 Restaurant

Sukhumvit Soi 24, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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Udom Pochana อุดมโภชนา, 陳振豐 Restaurant

78 Phraeng Phutorn Rd., San Chao Pho Suea, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 78 ถ.แพร่งภูธร, ศาลเจ้าพ่อเสือ, พระนคร, กรุงเทพฯ

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店內主要賣碟頭飯,如咖哩牛肉飯、咖哩豬肉飯、叉燒飯、燒肉飯、炆牛肉飯,炆牛筋飯等等,另外也有雲吞麵、粿汁、豬雜湯等等,每配約50Baht。這裡的咖喱飯是中式咖哩,不是泰式的,炆牛肉及炆牛筋也是中式的煮法。比較特別是這裡可以吃到潮州薄餅Por Pia Sod (ปอเปี๊ยะสด),即叫即整,用薄餅皮包着芽菜、滷豆腐、青瓜及臘腸,淋上酸酸甜甜的羅望子醬,然後在上面加上蟹肉及蛋絲,很值得一試,潮州薄餅在星馬一帶通常叫作Popiah/潤餅。