Teow Chew Meng - SummerSkye Residences 潮州銘中餐厅 Restaurant

8, SummerSkye Residences No. 1-1-9, Jalan Sungai Tiram 11900 Bayan Lepas Penang

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On the other hand, the Deep Fried Pork Belly (RM 15/small) is generous in serving size with a lot of pork slices. Marination was done on the point, though a tad more spices would have elevated this dish. If you are the type of person who enjoy fatty meat, then you will definitely enjoy the pork slices here.


Clay Cafe Restaurant

No 1-1-6, Summerskye Square Jalan Tun Dr Awang 11900 Bayan Lepas Penang, Malaysia

Fast-casual Chinese cafe restaurant in a retro-modern setting.

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Here's the location.
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The signature Lemongrass Chicken on the other hand, fared better. It was something similar to Satay, with slightly bolder Lemongrass aroma. The noodles were dressed with Scallion Oil, light Soy sauce and a little Pork Lard. The flavors were pretty straight-forward but we were a little disappointed with the simplicity and lacked of excitement
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Claypot food here should be the restaurant's signature as the name suggests. However, Cheesy Kimchi Claypot Rice (RM 16.90) appeared to be toned down when compared to the noodles. Though kimchi taste can be vividly tasted but the overall taste was plain. The Gojuchang marianted chicken was not that strong in taste too. Anyway, perhaps it was meant to be a healthy dish that portray strong kimchi taste only.

Dragon Noodle 龍鬚麵 Restaurant

2-G-11, Solaria Square Medan Rajawali 11900 Bayan Lepas Penang

Dragon Noodle is a Chinese restaurant that specialises in our own dragon beard noodles and Chinese la mian noodles. The dragon beard noodles is made with love and is only 0.4cm wide. Our famous 5 soups are the Chinese Signature Milky Soup, Signature with

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Here's the location.
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Nothing spectacular on the toppings but the braised Beef was a winning glory. The meat was beautifully cooked with flavors and addictive meaty texture.
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Cony 觉得奶香汤还挺合大众胃口的,至于重庆麻辣汤,辣度也是够浓郁,喝多了嘴唇可能会有点麻麻的感觉哦,呵呵!

Xiangcun Chaihuo Ji 乡村柴火鸡 Restaurant

No. 1-1-18 (Ground Floor), SummerSkye Square, Jalan Sungai Tiram 8, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia

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Here's the location.
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Environment is comfortable but the extensive smoke from the cooking at every table can be a problem as it might makes your cloths and hair smells like food, haha !!

Cafe De Ohana Restaurant

302A Jalan Tun Dr Awang South Homes 11900 Bayan Lepas Pulau Pinang Malaysia

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Here's the location.
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The Tricolor Chicken Rice was one of their signature dishes... it was basically stir fried Chicken cubes with Soy sauce and topped with stir fried Cabbage and julienned Omelette. The flavor and seasoning was spot on, the combo was lovely either... and for the price of Rm 13, we thought it was a steal (not to mention the complimentary soup too)

Yi Xi Shi Tang 壹喜食堂 Restaurant

1-1-6, Summerskye Square, Jalan Sungai Tiram 8, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

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Food serve here are simple with not many fancy items from their menu

Leong Huat Seng Coffee Shop Restaurant

186 G, Jalan Sungai Tiram Kampung Sungai Tiram 11900 Bayan Lepas Pulau Pinang Malaysia

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On a personal preference, the fried maggi noodles here is one of the many we have came across that we truly enjoyed. It is fried to a bit moist, and the chef put onions and shallots to spice up the noodles. Although there are various ingredients available for add-on, the price could go really to the extent for RM 15 - RM 20 per bowl, thus we enjoyed to have it just with decently fried fish fillet.

Clay Cafe Restaurant Restaurant

No 1-1-6, Summerskye Square, Jalan Tun Dr Awang, 11900, Penang.

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Environment here at Clay is good and their service is good too. Food serving is fast.