Harder Kulm Attraction

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  • 2014-07-19 00:00:00+00:00
Our lovely and enjoyable train ride let us of in Interlaken. Interlaken is, as the name suggests, between two lakes, Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. It is also a beautiful valley between picturesque mountains. Again, we stayed at a Youth Hostel, which was conveniently located right by the train station. After checking in, we were advised to try Harder Klum since we arrived before check in. We stashed our bags and set off for another adventure.
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Jam menunjukkan waktu 4.00 pagi. Waktu untuk bangun, berwuduk dan solat subuh. Di sini, subuh masuk seawal pukul 2.58 pagi dan waktu syuruk pula lebih ...
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Para contemplar (e entender) Interlaken, suba pelo funicular centenário ao Harder Kulm. Tem vista para a cidade, dois lagos, as montanhas (e serve ...

Hiking Harder Kulm Activity

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After Friday’s adventure, a great climb and a lot of suffering on arrival at ground level, the Sabbath timing proved perfect. However, unlike previous rest days, our recuperation was not complete. Nevertheless, we managed to convince our editor that we would take it slow up the 2,600 feet climb of the’ Hard Hill’. The funny thing is she suggested the hike, assuaging us of most of the guilt.


Schynige Platte - Faulhorn - First Activity

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One of the classic walks in the Bernese Oberland. The views and immediate scenery are superb even on a cloudy day. With sun and good visibility this walk would be hard to better. The paths are generally good although there are some sections that occasional walkers may find hard going. Good footwear is essential and you need to be prepared for bad weather en-route as there are some lengthy sections without shelter.
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This one-day hike is in a class of its own. The vegetation in the austere karst landscape of the Güw area is sparse. The trail starts at the Schynige Platte summit station, leads past the mountain huts at Oberberg on its way to the western slope of the Loucherhorn and passes the mountain’s summit to the south. Continue over the Egg in a gentle ascent along the slope of the Sägissa; below you will see the shimmering Sägistalsee mountain lake. Continue over the Egg in a gentle ascent along the slope of the Sägissa; below you will see the shimmering Lake Sägistalsee. Pass the Männdlenen mountain lodge, continue the ascent to Fulegg and from there along the mountain’s southern flank to the Faulhorn summit.
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Faulhorn walk: Schynige Platte to First. I got into Interlaken before 5pm and had time to check in to my hotel and go for a walk around town. For dinner I had ...