Pak John Steamboat & BBQ - IOI City Mall Restaurant

GE-11 Ground Floor IOI City Mall Lebuh IRC IOI Resort City 62502 Putrajaya

STEAMBOAT & BBQ Fry all you want or just get going with the food in soup,it is all up to your choice of sensational dish-mix! At Pak John, we serve urban cuisine consists of the most on-trend modern food yet reinvented into magnificent subtle creations that sum up as a one of a kind genre. By implementing our years of experience in the culinary industry, we proundly present you with the most sensual urban cuisines that will satisfy you no matter you are a steamboat fanatic, a Yong Tao Foo dinner or a regular cafe goer. We serve not one kind but all. It is new, but this young yet extravagant concept will be what your stomach deserves here in Pak John. Hence,welcome to the sensual side of food.

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It's truly a lovely steamboat and BBQ dining experience.
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Obviously, we do not miss the premium lamb, abalone slice and smoked duck. we are drooling when see the premium meat and abalone which is the signature ingredients in Pak John Steamboat & BBQ.
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There is five variety hot piping delicious soup base to choose, pick one of your most favourite soup base you eant to enjoy like : Beef Bone pepper soup, Tomyam Soup, Curry Soup, Miso Soup and Chicken Soup. In the same time, You can grill the meats on the steel plate while put some butter.

Johnny's - IOI City Mall Restaurant

Lot LG-78D, LG Floor IOI City Mall Lebuh IRC IOI Resort City 62502 Putrajaya

At Johnny's, you are guaranteed exceptionally fresh and tasty steamboat at affordable prices. The spicy and exotic dip sauce is catered for local tastes and the steamboat items are dipped in this irresistible sauce which leaves you longing for more. All ingredients are free from preservatives and prepared by our experienced chefs from the finest steamboat houses in Thailand. Johnny's is definitely a can't miss restaurant for steamboat lovers. So see you soon at Johnny's today!

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Set A Steamboat RM41.40 which is perfect for two people. Curious about what’s included inside the steamboat Set? For Set A there are – clear chicken broth (refillable), prawn, chicken fillet, seaweed ball, fish ball, seafood tofu, Japanese tofu, golden mushroom, Hong Kong Kailan, Chinese cabbage, Bee Hoon and chicken eggs. This steamboat tastes awesomely good, especially the clear chicken broth, we keep having them to refill from time to time until we are bloated, while for ingredients wise – the prawn (very big and fresh), seaweed ball (quite chewy, definitely homemade), and Chinese cabbage (perfect combination, makes the soup even more sweeter). After clearing everything out, we both agree that Johnny’s Steamboat could have easily won a huge majority of local Chinese steamboat out there! 😉