Wanaka Town

Wanaka, New Zealand

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1. Rob Roy Glacier 2. That Wanaka Tree 3. Roy’s Peak 4. Treble Cone 5. Flying around Mt. Aspiring

Blue Lakes and Tasman Glacier walks Attraction

Tasman Lake, Canterbury 7999, New Zealand

Walking and tramping 40 min or 1 hr return Easy: Walking track

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To see a small blue lake which turned green and a real blue lake. If you take the side walks to the river, you might see a piece of floating ice. 有青湖,有蓝湖,也可能有浮冰。
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看到三個小湖,有個牌子說明為什麼Blue Lake不再是藍色了,以前冰川溶化的水會流到這邊,所以是漂亮的藍色,但是因為冰河縮短了,現在只有雨水降落到這個湖,綠色的海藻讓湖變成綠色了
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Finally we reach the top of the wall and there spread out in front of us is the magnificent Tasman Glacier and lake. What a stunning sight and what a contrast against the view down the relatively green valley just over our shoulder. It was worth the slog.

Lake Tekapo 蒂卡波 Attraction

Lake Tekapo 7999, New Zealand

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Arrived around 6pm and it's freezing cold (6 degree Celsius) and windy (26km/h). It even snow for a few seconds. Luckily the rain stop and the sun shine, but it's still madly cold and windy. The lake, the flowers and the snow cap mountain highlighted by the sun is a priceless combination. Didn't manage to hike up Mt. John due to the weather and time limit, pray for good luck tomorrow. 刚下雨,非常寒冷及大风。今天没办法上山走走,只好在湖边赏花。
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後記: 在蒂卡波待三天兩夜本來不是我的計畫, 但想住的蒂卡波民宿要求需住兩晚, 所以就只好改變計畫停留成兩個晚上, 蒂卡波小小的~ 其實很快就可以逛完, 我們在這裡花了兩個晚上~在民宿裡發呆慢慢旅遊的感覺很好 很推薦停留兩晚唷!!
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Lake Tekapo is a truly out of this world tranquil getaway in New Zealand's South Island. We hiked some of the trails and stayed at a backpackers' hostel.

Diamond Lake & Rocky Mountain walks Attraction

Return via same track Walking and tramping Various times under 3 hr Easy: Walking track

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Having lunch at Rocky Mountain, Diamond Lake.
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The Diamond Lake track was a beautiful spot for me to go for a quick summer evening hike, or for a longer one if I had an afternoon off. It doesn’t take all that long and the payoff for the amount of effort you put in is very high!
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The surrounding landscape was once again breath-taking, and huge! We climbed a little further up the bluff to an area that gave us 270 degree views out over the farmland below to Lake Wanaka, Roys Peak & Glendhu Bay beyond.

Lake Matheson Walk Attraction

Lake Matheson Walkway, Fox Glacier 7886, New Zealand

1 km - 2.6 km return via same track Walking and tramping 40 min - 1 hr 30 min Easiest: Easy access short walk

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Really beautiful lake, I am sure it's more shining when it's sunny. 非常漂亮的湖,可惜天气不漂亮。
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Some other walkers arrive at the lookout, chatting to one another as they climb the stairs to the top. But as they reach the lookout, the view stuns them to silence. We slink back from the edge of the lookout to give them room to have their moment with this beauty and take a seat.

Moke Lake Loop Track Attraction

Moke Lake, Otago 9371, New Zealand

Return via same track Walking and tramping 2 - 3 hr Easy: Walking track Mountain biking Intermediate: Grade 3

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Moke Lake is surrounded by mountains and you get great views regardless of where by the water you choose to rest. It’s safe for swimming and after a few minutes in the hot sun I very much cursed myself for not bringing my bikini! If water activities are your thing it’s a great place to SUP or kayak, just watch out for duckling swimming amongst the reeds.

Lake Lyndon Attraction

Canterbury, New Zealand

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From Arthur's Pass towards Christchurch: coffee stop.
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North Canterbury Fish & Game keep Lake Lyndon well stocked with rainbow trout. Fly, Spin and Bait fishing are permitted in Lake Lyndon. Open season is from the first Saturday in November to 30 April. There is also a winter extension from 1 June to 31 August. The high numbers of smaller rainbows present in Lake Lyndon make the lake an ideal destination for introducing junior anglers to trout fishing. There are no brown trout in Lake Lyndon.

Lake Marian Track Attraction

Lake Marian, Southland 9679, New Zealand

2.4 km return via same track Walking and tramping 20 min return to falls, 3 hr return to lake Advanced: Tramping track

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It’s not what I would describe as difficult, but the majority of the Lake Marian Track heads steadily uphill. It gets a little tiring but most people should be able to handle it. It’s not a particularly exciting section of track either as it very rarely leaves the cover of the forest. There are lots of tree roots and boulders to climb over and some patches of mud to navigate. Keep going though, as you’re about to see something pretty special.

Lake Pukaki Attraction

Lake Pukaki, Canterbury 7999, New Zealand

Rippon Vineyard Attraction

246 Wanaka-Mount Aspiring Rd, Wanaka 9381, New Zealand

Bain Bay Track Attraction

Bain Bay, West Coast 7872, New Zealand

7.2 km return via same track Walking and tramping 2.5 hr Easy: Walking track

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Eventually the trail comes out at Bain Bay. This is a secluded DOC camping and picnic area. Stephen tells me it is a very popular camping spot at New Year. The boaties drop their camping gear off and set up for a bbq in the evening to watch the new year in. I guess those keen enough can hike in with their gear but boating it in sounds like a good idea to me! There are some old relics at this end of the trail also – left over from the timber milling days.
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All the area around Mitchells and Bain Bay has been extensively logged. The entire area is littered with relics from that era. After cutting down the (mainly) rimu trees, they floated them across the lake to the mill.

Bob’s Cove Track & Nature Walk Attraction

Glenorchy–Queenstown Road, 14 km from Queenstown.

Walking and tramping 20 min one way Easy: Walking track Mountain biking 10 min one way Easy: Grade 2

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There are lots of hikes in the Queenstown area, most of which feature mountain views as their biggest hook. Bob’s cove is different. This lush green landscape features several stunning lake beaches, paths lined with native forest and a couple of atmospheric ruins. Oh, there are also some incredible mountain views — this is Queenstown after all!

Boundary Creek Campsite Attraction

Beside SH6 at the head of Lake Wanaka. Sealed road.

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Very beautiful campsite on a very beautiful day. Definitely should camp here if I am on a campervan. 拥有完美风景的露营营地。如果我有露营车,选择这里过夜应该很不错。

Lake Ianthe Attraction

Adjacent to SH6, 15 km north of Harihari. Short driveway off SH6.

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On the way from Franz Josef to Arthur's Pass.

Lake Mapourika Attraction

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Not far away from Franz Josef, but weather had been super cloudy for the pass 2 days.

Lake Pearson Campsite Attraction

SH 73, 35 km south of Arthur’s Pass village.

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Plenty of ducks in this lake, plus beautiful green tree by the lakeside.
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$0 Not many sandflies Plenty of ducks around No campfires – but there are fire pits around (such rebels) Drop toilet on site. Not that bad, just hold your nose. I give this campsite a strong 9/10
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Lake Pearson Moana Rua Wildlife Refuge: map, photos, camping description and directions to campsites by a peaceful lake in the Canterbury Region of New Zealand

Pukaki Kettle Hole Track Attraction

Lake Pukaki, Canterbury 7999, New Zealand

Track category: Short Walk Time: 1 hr Distance: 4 km

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First photograph of our rental car.
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Beautiful views of the lake. The clouds in the distance cover Aoraki.

Lake Alta Track Attraction

Lake Alta, Otago 9371, New Zealand

Return via same track Walking and tramping 1 hr 30 min Advanced: Tramping track

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The Lake Alta Track starts at the Remarkables Ski Field near Queenstown, New Zealand. I walked around 6 kilometres including my aimless wondering around the lake. I used a brochure ‘Wakatipu Walks’ that I picked up from the DOC office in Queenstown and that, along with my GPS maps was enough for this well marked route. I’d rate this walk as easy, although there is a bit of climbing involved. The walk is in an alpine area so come prepared for dodgy weather.

Lake Brunner Attraction

Lake Brunner, West Coast, New Zealand

Lake Fergus Attraction

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When the weather is nice, every lake is beautiful. 天气好,湖才美。

Lake Hawea Lookout Attraction

Queenstown-Lakes District, Otago Region, South Island

Mahinapua short walks Attraction

Lake Mahinapua, West Coast 7883, New Zealand

Walking and tramping 10 min - 30 min Easiest: Short walk

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The walks are average, but the lake and the white heron is superb. 步道一般,但湖景与白鸟还蛮吸引人的。

Mou Waho Island Attraction

Mou Waho, Otago 9382, New Zealand

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We decided to have lunch on our return from the hike up to the lake so set off up the well formed 1km track. This is looking back down the lake, Glendhu Bay is around that far point on the right.
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When we thought that the views could not get any better, we were surprised. Andy took us to another spot on the other side of the hilltop, where the rocks are in the shape of an armchair. There is a big concave crevice in one of the rocks where you can sit and rest your arms on. You actually feel as if you are sitting on an armchair, but with the most incredible view of Lake Wanaka. The rock is naturally shaped in such a way. Just amazing!
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It is around 20 kms from Wanaka, which is far too far to kayak. You can do guided tours but they costs $150 to $200 a head. We just arranged a boat trip out and back for $400 in total which worked out excellent value.

The Wanaka Tree Wanaka's Lone Tree Attraction

Tapley Paddock, 9305, New Zealand

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Besides taking a photo of the Wanaka tree, remember to explore the lakeside walk which is pretty scenic. 除了看那颗Wanaka🌳,别忘了顺着湖畔走走,蛮悠闲又漂亮。
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It’s not often a humble tree can be afforded landmark status, but ‘That Wanaka Tree’ is something much more than...

Lake Brunner Kotuku Whakaoho short walks Attraction

Lake Brunner, West Coast, New Zealand

600 m - 2 km Walking and tramping 20 min - 1 hr Easiest: Short walk

Lake Wanaka Attraction

Lake Wanaka, Otago, New Zealand

Marker Bay Track - Lake Pukaki Attraction

Lake Pukaki, Canterbury 7999, New Zealand

Track category: Short Walk Time: 20 min Distance: 1 km

Rotary Park Attraction

Glendhu Bay

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Park here to walk along Glendhu Bay.