Taman Inderawasih Koay Teow Soup - Promenade 凤凰现煮粿条汤 Restaurant

5-G-35 & 5-1-35 The Promenade Persiaran Mahsuri 11950 Bayan Lepas Penang

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Here's the location.
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Both dry and soup versions were almost identical, save for the former one was dressed with dark soy sauce. Inderawasih's pork broth carried bold meaty flavor, in which some may find it overly heavy. Each bowl of Koay Teow Th'ng will be served with Fish Balls, Egg, minced Pork and a couple of Shrimps. We disliked the fact that the Egg was overly boiled, we would prefer the whole, runny Egg. Overall, we thought the porky notes were too bold to our liking.
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The Koay Teow Soup is served in 3 sizes, namely small (RM 7.50), medium (RM 9), large (RM 10.50) that has egg and prawns added for medium and large size. If you do not mind splurging, consider adding minced pork as it is real delicious.


Foodie Noodles 福有面有福 Restaurant

1-1-19, Elit Avenue Jln Mayang Pasir 3 Bayan Baru 11950 Pulau Pinang Malaysia

We are serving thai and local food.

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Overall, Foodie Noodles Restaurant 福有面有福 is a place to come if you are looking for authentic and affordable Thai food in Penang.