Buam-dong 부암동, 付岩洞 Attraction

Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul 서울 종로구 부암동

Buam-dong is a neighborhood in central Seoul that was once occupied mostly by artists and writers. Today, modern galleries, coffee shops, and restaurants stand side by side with old mills and barber shops on the narrow alleyways, making Buam-dong a sophisticated yet classically charming destination.

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Just a peaceful quiet, a nice view of the mountains, and charming spaces occupied by artists of all kinds. It is a beautiful respite from Seoul with all the art but none of the gritty urbanity of Hongdae, overloaded tour buses of Insadong, or pretentious airs of Samcheongdong. Seoul Museum | 서울특별시 종로구 부암동 201 Seokpajeong (석파정) | 3충, 서울 미슬과 Syngman Rhee Institute Walk | 자하문로 37길길
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Buam-dong is a neighbourhood of Jongno-gu, and resides in the north of the city just a short bus ride from the hustle and bustle, and tourist laden Gyeongbokgung Palace. Nestled between Inwangsan and Bukhansan mountains it offers picturesque views, lush greenery and an escape from the fast pace of city life. Add to its natural beauty a mix of hidden galleries, bakeries and unique craft stores makes for a spot you shouldn’t miss during your time in Seoul.
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在某個角落都會有個小標識告訴你現在人在哪裡, 圖片中黃色小鍾的位置是公車下車處的對面 付岩洞總共有12處觀光景點區, 12號的位置就是咖啡王子一號店的攝影點。 但因為跟朋友是亂走~ 就也沒有特別去找尋標記的12景了。

Ikseon-dong 익선동, 益善洞 Attraction

Ikseon-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Hidden from outside view by the palisade of concrete high-rises that surround it, Ikseon-dong is Seoul’s least-known but, perhaps unsurprisingly, best-preserved neighborhood of Korean-style homes, or hanok.

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One of these cafes is Sikmul (식물). The building is a bit different than the Hanok you find in this area. It stands out with its metallic glass door and the interior is best described as industrial hipster. There is regular seating, a couch, and elevated wooden floor where you can sit on while drinking your coffee.
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Hidden and almost forgotten, this neighbourhood is finding its vibe once again. The best preserved and least renovated neighbourhood of these Korean style homes, its a maze of tiles and pavement intertwined with new cafes, bars and cultural spaces.
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而別看這不起眼的小胡同們 益善洞韓屋村可是最近韓國年輕人間人氣的休閒場所 周末人潮更是絡繹不絕


Itaewon-dong 이태원동, 梨泰院洞 Attraction

Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Itaewon is a unique place in Seoul where one can meet people of diverse nationalities and cultures. There is a popular joke saying that international residents may not know Seoul, but they know Itaewon. Seoul even designated Itaewon as its first ‘Special Tourism District,’ to highlight it as a destination for internationals to enjoy a diversity of culture, shopping, and entertainment experiences.

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下次到梨泰院走走吧~可以下午安排逛街購物,晚上享用美食喝喝小酒唷! 每年到了萬聖節、聖誕節、跨年,梨泰院也會是非常熱鬧的聚集場所唷!

Yeonhui-dong 연희동, 延禧洞 Attraction

Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Yeonhui-dong is a residential neighborhood. It offers gated houses, diverse restaurants, a mountain, and a sprinkle of shopping.

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It also offers a reprieve from the bland apartments of Seoul. Its houses reflect a quiet wealth that is a contrast to the ostentatiousness that may be found in Sinsa or Gangnam. Although gated, you can peer in and see well-groomed gardens. The hushed streets are great for an afternoon stroll. Afterwards, you can grab some food. Depending on your palette, there are plenty of options.
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Take a stroll through the neighbourhood browsing bakeries, coffee shops and great sandwich shops along the way using the simple directions above.
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延禧洞散策圖片紀錄 地圖在最下面