Yin's Sourdough Pizza Restaurant

Wisma Yeap Chor Ee, Gat Lebuh China, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

A cozy place to hang out with friends and family. Great service and fantastic food.

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Our favorite place for Pizza and it is the best Pizza in Penang. The dough is very special and extremely crispy, pizza filling very special and delicious as well.
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Yin’s Sourdough Pizza offers Neapolitan style pizza, baked in a stone oven, with a chewy slightly charred crust and ‘soup-y’ center. I had no qualms about the soup-y center and found the chewy crust to be utterly enjoyable. There is a slight tangy taste of the sourdough but not overwhelmingly so. Most enjoyable was the slow cooked tomato paste which married beautifully with the sweet zucchini and eggplants. The usual carnivore in me hardly missed the absence of meat in this vegetarian pizza!
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There is so much space at the dining area and the open concept even extends to the open kitchen where you can watch the pizza maestro freshly handcraft your pizza to order. My jaw dropped when I spotted a few Tablets left (securely locked of course) on the long table for visitors to do a spot of casual browsing.

OTTO Pizza Romana Restaurant

8b, Lebuh Carnarvon 10200 George Town Pulau Pinang

First Authentic Handmade Italian Roman Pizza in Georgetown Penang."In Pizza We Crust"

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Rosemary Potato Pizza on the other hand, left us with the deepest impression. A very unlikely ingredient to be found on a Pizza, the Potato worked magically with Rosemary as a Pizza... interesting texture too.
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Overall, this is a great place to hang out for some quick pizza fix and is also ideal for late night owls. The food here is fast, fresh and healthy.
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The signature here is the unique Potato with Mozzarella cheese, which is lightly seasoned with Sze Chuan pepper and Rosemary

Italiannies - Gurney Paragon Restaurant

163 D-1-32, Level 1 Floor Gurney Paragon Mall Persiaran Gurney 10250 George Town Penang

Since opening its doors in 2004, Italiannies – now with 7 restaurant locations in Malaysia – is famously known for bringing uniquely rustic Italian cuisine to the tables. Fresh ingredients used with our characteristic recipes from starters, salads, meat dishes and desserts is the bridge between our savoury food and the satisfying smile of our guests. To give you the best of tastes, Italiannies’ signature sauces and bread dough are made fresh every morning. Our chefs’ bold and adventurous flavours provide new excitement and modern twist to classic Italian staple food of pasta, pizza and vino.

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Penang is never a vast desert when it comes to Italian eats, the typical Pasta dishes like Aglio Olio or Carbonara, Pizza and Tiramisu can be easily found. But specialized Italian restaurants are rare, probably only a handful of them in town. Italianies has been serving hearty Italian dies in Gurney Paragon Mall a few years back since the mall's grand opening. True to its name, the upscale and trendy restaurant right in front of the al-fresco zone delivers palatable and sinfully rich Italian fare. The menu is dedicated entirely to serving Italian delights- from the classic Pasta dishes to the well-received Pizza as well as genuine hearty Italian-European dishes; the relaxed and cozy atmosphere coupled with the dining options have been attracting a wide range of dining personalities.

Pizzeria Restaurant

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Jalan Batu Ferringhi 11100 George Town Penang Malaysia

For delicious Italian inspired food in a relaxing setting, head on over to the Pizzeria! Sit by the poolside or beachside and savour on a widespread of pizzas and pasta at one of the best pizza joints in Penang.

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The wood-fired oven pizza is a must-have here.. we chose the Pizzeria 'Smoked' Hawaiian (RM43 for 9"), a lovely thin crust pizza topped with generous amount of smoked turkey ham, pineapple, capsicum, jalapenos, cheese and barbecue sauce.
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The menu offers a wide selection of mouth-watering items such salads, soups, pasta, pizzas and my favourite part of the meal, desserts. Slurrrrrp.
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The Loft - Love Lane Restaurant

57 Love Lane 10200 George Town Penang

The Loft - Pizzeria & Bar, serves traditional hand-crafted, wood-fire, Neopolitan style pizza. Specializing in thin crust pizza using Italian Le 5 Stagioni 00 flour.

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We tried their Al Pesto Pasta and found that their Pesto sauce was delicious. It has an in depth herbaceous flavor with creamy texture... a pity that the Linguine was overcooked though
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The Loft pizza served piping hot from the oven satiates the taste buds of those who love beef. It comes with beef pepperoni and beef bacon alongside mushrooms, onions, green pepper, pineapple, and black olives.

Lunarich Pasta & Pizza Restaurant

1B-G-31, Lengkok Mayang Pasir, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

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The cream sauce is really creamy and rich, with hint of herbs taste. The salmon cubes are quite fresh too, and I wish it could be more in my plate. Overall the portion size are considered good enough to me, and this dish is very delicious. (Rate: 4/5)
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Actually to taste whether it is a nice pizza or not? Usually we would order the most simple pizza to taste. Therefore Margherita pizza. Actually we had high hope for the pizza as we saw that they are using the Italian style pizza oven. The tastes of the pizza were just average for our liking. With the price, it is acceptable for an Italian restaurant.
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They have another branch at Gurney Paragon

Pizza Station - Sunshine Farlim Restaurant

Lot G-2, Sunshine Farlim, 294, Jalan Thean Teik, Bandar Baru Air Itam, 11500 Ayer Itam, Pulau Pinang.

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At Pizza Station, there are more than 20 pizza toppings to choose from. Popular toppings are chicken, beef, seafood, mushrooms and more.

US Pizza - Bukit Mertajam Restaurant

23, Jln Perniagaan Gemilang 1 Pusat Perniagaan Gemilang 14000 Bukit Mertajam Penang Malaysia

Like most corporate stories, US PIZZA's started out small with the first outlet at Penang, Malaysia in 1997. US PIZZA's was first started at 1997 by a team member of Mr Donald Duncan which have spent most of his early life in Kansas City, USA working in a local pizza restaurant. After spend almost 5 years working in the restaurant during the early 1990s, he have came out with his own recipe of dough and and tomato sauce which also known as "Duncan Sauce". Initially the name of the restaurant was planned to named as Duncan Pizza Restaurant, however, after much consideration of since the food was originated from United States, they named it as US PIZZA. Thereafter, they have chosen Penang, Malaysia as their first choice. After the passing of Mr Duncan during the end of 00s, the restaurant was taken over by a passionate youngster named Jeremy and Rachel.

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In conjunction with the establishment of new outlet, they are launching a new flavour - Golden Ocean Salted Egg Pizza (9" - RM 28; 13" - RM 38). The toppings are fresh squids and shrimps, decorated with curry leaves and fried chilies then topped with salted egg in the center to give a richer taste.
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Overall, the new launching of salted egg pizza has beat the rest of the pizza and become the top in my list. This is a successful innovation.

Viva La Pasta Restaurant

iStay Hotel 96, Jalan Rangoon 10400 George Town Pulau Pinang Malaysia

Set within the heart of George Town, in a classy boutique hotel - iStay Hotel - we are Viva la Pasta, a small Café with humble roots, serving Italian dishes and a little bit of this and that.

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With a name like Viva La Pasta, one would expect to see a heavy Italian fare in this newly opened restaurant. It is housed within the new budget hotel- iStay Hotel in the heart of Georgetown. Step in the cafe and you will be pleasantly amazed by how cozy the place is. While every effort was made to ensure the place lives up to the classy Italian theme but we did not think the Italian element was strong enough. In fact, we spotted a wallpaper with Chinese characters. On the menu, it offers quite a wide variety of Italian fare, ranging from Antipasto, Pizza, Pasta, Grills and even classic Italian desserts. Very wallet-friendly price points but as far as authenticity is concerned, we thought the flavors have been localized to suit the local audience.

Italian Job Pizzaria - TOP Komtar Penang Restaurant

The TOP Komtar Penang, 1, Jalan Penang, 10000 George Town, Pulau Pinang

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Italian Job Pizzaria serves pizza, pasta and gelato.

Vivo Pizza - AEON Mall Bukit Mertajam Restaurant

G10, Jalan Rozhan, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

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NASI LEMAK PIZZA?! Yes...this is true NASI LEMAK pizza....Only in MALAYSIA!

Mame's Pizza Cafe Restaurant

Golden Triangle Jln Paya Terubung Relau 11900 Bayan Lepas Penang Malaysia

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Here's the location.