Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter 倉敷美観地区 Attraction

Honmachi, Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture 710-0054, Japan

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  • 2018-11-14 02:08:48+00:00
It is a few old street and a canal, a tourist spot with some boutique shop. I would say the experience is only average.
  • aleksandratolnauer.com
  • 2018-01-09 00:00:00+00:00
The best time to visit is in spring when the cherry blossoms bloom, and in autumn to catch the beauty of fall colors. walk around – enjoy the beautiful architecture and take in the scenery snap away – Japan is such a photogenic country, take as many photos as you can eat everything – try all the snacks, indulge in all the sweets, taste everything explore the shops – window shopping is such a treat, but shop wisely appreciate the culture – visit Achi Shrine and Ohara Museum of Art
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  • 2017-08-30 00:00:00+00:00
Kurashiki Bikan Chiku (Bikan Historical Quarter) is one of the top destinations for tourists in Okayama; traditional Japanese houses and buildings remain.