Garan Temple Complex 壇上伽藍, Danjo Garan Attraction

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Danjo Garan is one of the two most sacred sites in Koyasan. Koyasan was founded right here on this ground, in the 9th Century. 11nov14. Koyasan, Japan.

Okunoin 奥の院 Attraction

550 Koyasan, Koya, Ito District, Wakayama Prefecture 648-0211, Japan

The mausoleum of Kūkai, surrounded by an immense graveyard (the largest in Japan)

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Okunoin Cemetery in Koyasan, Japan is the largest burial site in the country. Photos and story about our visit to the Koyasan cemetery in 2014.
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Koyasan is regarded as one of the most sacred places in Japan, if not the most sacred; and it is certainly counted among the most sacred places on the planet. The most revered place in Koyasan is Okunoin Cemetery, and the tomb of the founder of Shingon Buddhism, located at the end of a two-kilometer walk, is the "holy of holies."

Nyonindo Temple 女人堂 Attraction

Japan, 〒648-0211 Wakayama Prefecture, Ito District, 高野町高野山709

Kongobuji 金剛峯寺 Attraction

Japan, 〒648-0294 Wakayama Prefecture, 伊都郡高野町高野山132