Gibbston Valley Cheese Restaurant

1820 Gibbston Highway Queenstown, New Zealand

Located in Queenstown's Valley of Vines, high in the southern mountains, Gibbston Valley Cheese specialises in sheep, cow and goat milk cheeses hand-crafted in the European style. All of our cheese range is GE Free and is made from pasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet.

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  • 2017-11-09 23:41:22+00:00
There is a cafe selling cheese, and another wine restaurant. I believe there is a wine tour with wine and cheese sampling. The Cheesery cafe is pretty good, with all sorts of cheese, honey, chutney, etc. We opt for the cheese plater which is pretty good, the environment is nice just next to the winery. You can rent a bike to tour the nearby vineyard as well. 停下吃个芝士拼盘,享受有葡萄园的美景的午餐,也买了个Manuka蜜糖。