Noname Bbq in alley 无名巷子烧烤店 Restaurant

Nanchang Alley, ZhongLou ShangQuan, Xincheng Qu, Xian Shi 胖子烧烤隔壁的巷子里

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  • 2017-06-25 14:46:57+00:00
After checking in an Hantang, we went for BBQ supper in a shop opposite our hotel, hidden in a small lane. Though the food served is pretty simple, but it taste pretty good. BBQ chicken, BBQ brinjal with garlic, BBQ naan bread and vegetables in curry are all good, and of course QingDao beer as well. 到汉唐登记入住后,大家去对面巷子里的一家烧烤店吃宵夜。 虽然食物看来普通,但还是很好吃的。有烤鸡翅,烤茄子🍆加蒜头,烤馕和蔬菜咖喱都美味,当然要加上青岛啤酒。

重庆小面 Restaurant

Nanchang Alley, Xincheng Qu

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  • 2017-06-11 01:59:51+00:00
重庆小面, noodle and bun for breakfast is pretty good. 面和包子都不错,韭菜包最好吃。