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    Yilan City, Yilan County, Taiwan 260
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Jimi Square

幾米廣場公園, 飛天火車, 繪本星空公車站
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Le Temps 食光1998

  • French
  • Taiwanese

Bing Dao Xue Hua Mei

  • Taiwanese
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Taiwan – Yilan Attractions & Food

Jimmy Park几米广场
Memorial Hall of Founding of Yilan Administration (宜兰设治纪念馆)
LINK Taiwan- 麟のLINK手创料理
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Yilan City (Chinese: 宜蘭市; pinyin: Yílán Shì; Wade–Giles: I2-lan2 Shih4) is a city and the county seat of Yilan County, Taiwan. The city lies on the north side of the Lanyang River. The Yilan Plain in which the city is located was originally known as the Kapsulan Plain (蛤仔難/甲子蘭) or the Komalan Plain (噶瑪蘭). These names, as well as that of Yilan itself, were given to the sites by the Kavalan tribe of Taiwanese aborigines. Later arrivals included Han Chinese settlers during the Qing Dynasty in China (1802) and settlers from Okinawa during Taiwan's period of Japanese rule (1895-1945).