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Bokèo (Laotian: ບໍ່ແກ້ວ [bɔ̄ː kɛ̂ːw]; literally "gem mine"; previously, Hua Khong, meaning "Head of the Mekong") is a northern province of Laos. It is the smallest and least populous province in the country. Bokeo Province is the smallest of the country's provinces, covering an area of 6,196 square kilometres (2,392 sq mi). Bokeo Province borders Luang Namtha Province to the northeast, Oudomxai Province to the east, Xaignabouli Province to the south, and Thailand to the southwest and Burma to the west and northwest. The province has five districts (Houay Xay, Tonpheung, Meung, Phaodom and Paktha) and is rich in deposits of precious and semiprecious stones. Bokeo's provincial capital is Houayxay on the Mekong river. The province is part of the “Golden Triangle”, at the crossing with Myanmar and Thailand. There are 34 ethnic groups in the province. Houay Xay is the border town with Thailand and regional economic centre.