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    206, Jungang-daero, Dong-gu, Busan
    부산광역시 동구 중앙대로 206 (초량동)
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Busan Station opened on April 1, 1908 and expanded to include Korea Trail Express (KTX) services in 2004. With the opening of the 2nd Gyeongbu express railway, the station waiting room was expanded and a parking lot was added on the 2nd floor. The station is a major stop on all Gyeongbu line express trains (KTX) and general trains.

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SAMJIN Fish-Cake

三珍魚糕, 삼진어묵 부산역점
  • Korean
  • Snack

B&C Bakery

비앤씨 베이커리
  • Bakery

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Desmond Lua
  • 5 years ago

Besides taking the train, it has B&C bakery and Samjin Fishcake

  • 5 years ago

Busan Station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Busan Station is a train station in Busan, southeast South Korea, and the southern terminus of the Gyeongbu Line, the most important railway line in the country, which links Busan with Seoul in just under three hours, using the KTX line (Korea's high-speed rail system). Busan Line 1's official name is Busan Station Station


Daegeon Myeongga pork soup

대건명가돼지국밥, 大建名家豬肉湯飯
  • Korean


교촌치킨, 橋村炸雞
  • Korean
  • Snack