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    Delfshaven, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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On the trail of the Pilgrim Fathers…in Delfshaven | notesfromcamelidcountry

Founded in 1389 as the official port of Delft, and like the herring fisheries which played such an important role in it's development, Delfshaven is teeming with history. A history that is still visible as you stroll down the narrow streets amongst wonderful historic buildings, many of which were built with profits from the herring trade. Delfshaven was…
  • 13 years ago

Delfshaven - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Delfshaven is a borough of Rotterdam on the right bank of river Nieuwe Maas, in South Holland, the Netherlands. It was a separate municipality until 1886.
  • 5 years ago

Oh, the places we will go.: A stroll through Delfshaven

As we walked along, the church bells started to chime which just added to the atmosphere and the feeling of stepping back into history. We didn't have time to ...