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Gunung Kuning Entrance/Exit
Gunung Kuning Entrance/Exit


  • 5 years ago

The Mossy Forest At Gunung Irau, Yellow and Pass | Leonard's space

Two years ago, I saw the amazing photos on Facebook put up by Ray Lee, which he called "The Secret Garden." I had been looking forward to visit this place since then. All that I knew was it was in Cameron Highlands. I am so thankful that I finally had the opportunity to hike this trail,…
  • 6 years ago

mcHiker: Irau Yellow Pass - Cameron Highland (Perak, Pahang)

The Trek
Mt. Irau : 6922 feets ( 2110 meters) N4.52898 E101.36518
Mt. Yellow : 5469 feets ( 1667 meters) N4.55686 E101.35495
Mt. Pass : 5206 feets ( 1587 meters) N4.59182 E101.34892
Location : Cameron Highlands (Perak / Pahang)
Usually it takes 10 hours to 14 hours
Distance : about 12.7 KM
  • 8 years ago

Hiking, Travel and Food!: Camping at Gunung Yellow - 1667m

Date : 30 & 31 July 2011. The is my first time since school days on a proper camping trip ie, need to hike in. Most of my camping trips previously require very little ...
  • 10 years ago


Over 30 trekking kakis gathered @ 9.30 a.m. at the17km milestone to Kampung Raja along the Simpang Pulai Highway near the Pahang/Perak boundary for the Gunung Kuning hike. The trek involved an initial steep climb up the slope of the Simpang Pulai Hwy and many ascents and descents (no less than 12 times) within the altitudes of 1400m and 1600m asl.