The Gwaneumsa Trail starts from the Gwaneumsa Campground, passes the Guringul Caves, Tamna Valley, Samgakbong Peak Shelter, Yongjin Caves and the Wanggwanbong Peak up to Hallasan Baengnokdam Lake Summit. The trail is 8.7km long and takes 5 hours for a one-way trip.

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Desmond Lua
  • 3 years ago

After hiking up Hallasan through Sangpanak, we hike down using Gwaneumsa trail. It's beautiful and different from Sangpanak, so it's worth to try this route going down. The infrastructure of this trail is less developed as compared to Sangpanak.

After coming down, take Buss 77 to reach the main road. After which, you need to switch buses to Jeju city or other places (Check Google Map for public transport navigation, the route and bus number is very accurate, but the timing is not.
  • 5 years ago

Hiking Mt Hallasan - Jeju Island, South Korea - Two Clowns Tripping

Leaving our hire car in the massive car park at the Gwaneumsa Temple trail head (be prepared to pay a small fee), we made use of the facilities before commencing what was to be one of the most epic 8hr treks we’ve attempted of all time!

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Descending down from the peak along the Gwaneumsa Trail, you come face to face with the magnificent rock formations and cliffs of the south side of Hallasan’s peak.