Heng Hong Tin Kee 兴丰信记茶餐室 Restaurant

62, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock Kampung Empat 75200 Malacca Malaysia

Heng Hong Tin Kee Restaurant, a traditional Hainanese cuisine restaurant which established since 1950s', is currently running by the son and daughter with support from the family members. In line with market changes and modernization of the industry, authentic food is soon dismissing from the market and we'll all definitely missing it. Though every time people talk about Hainanese food, "Hainanese Chicken Rice" and Hainanese Chicken or Pork Chop" are the 2 that pop up in their, but in fact, there are many more which many of us might not known.

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Our very first Hainanese cuisine meal starts off with a plate of Sweet & Sour Pork Skin (甜酸猪皮) RM12.00 which consists of stir fry pork skin with pineapple and green scallion. Tastes sweet and sour as it promotes while giving us a refreshing kick on each bite (thanks to those pineapples), pork skin is cooked till perfection where it absorbs every drop of the essence and always be ready to burst out while you’re chewing on it – truly a pleasure to savor and definitely a highly recommended dish! 😉
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This shop is famous for their mutton.


Jonker 88 大寳小食 Restaurant

88, Jalan Hang Jebat. 75200 Melaka, Malaysia.

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Jonker 88
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Food ordering is self service here at Jonker 88. Before you order, you need to find a table first. Then you also need to bring the food to your own table. The food is prepared pretty fast so even if there is a long queue, it won’t be a long wait.
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Calanthe Art Cafe Restaurant

11, JaLan Hang Kasturi 75200 Melaka

Serves Malaysia 13 States' Coffee, the original and yet the modern style-Ice Blenz, Milk Shake, Smoothies, Soda drinks, Beers, Chilled drinks and etc... Mainly the Asian foods such as the popular choice- Nyonya Laksa, Golden Rice, Daily Special, Rice, soups, western foods selection and etc... Final with the home made dessert such as cheesecake, Brownie in western and asian style, cakes, pudding and etc...

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Calanthea art cafe
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Here's the location.
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Every corner is eye candy and one can spend hours in this gallery cum café without realizing how fast time passes by. Packed with vintage collectibles and stocked with colourful paintings, this is absolutely worthy of a visit in Jonker Street.

Cendol Jam Besar Restaurant

Jalan Laksamana, Melaka

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Cendol jam besar Infront of stadhuys
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Okay, tu je nak cerita about cendol jam besar nie. Kalau jalan Melaka, wajib singgah sini tau! Tempat makan yang wajib pergi di Melaka! Tersangatttt lah recommended! Time on the way balik ke Selangor pun still teringat cendol nie.. kelazatan dan keenakannya.. ewahh.. ok ok, nanti terliur pulak teringat cendol jam besar nie..
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Kassim, the stall holder of Cendol Jam Besar (Clock Tower Cendol) famous for its authentic cendol taste and generous ingredients, sells at least 300 bowls a day, sometimes up to 500 bowls. Each bowl is priced from RM1.70.

Mamee Jonker House - Melaka Restaurant

46 & 48, Jalan Hang Jebat 75200 Melaka Malaysia

Mamee’s very first concept store after 40 over years of food manufacturing.

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I had the Mamee in Kuah Lodeh, which is the creamy, coconut-rich gravy that is usually served with lontong (compressed rice) – only they replaced it with noodles, of course! Portions were generous; there was plenty of shrimp and tofu to soak up the delicious broth, topped with half a boiled egg. The noodles were springy with a slight bite.
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Cuppa noodle. Each cup is priced at RM5.20. You can choose between Chicken or Curry or Tom Yam flavor seasoning for your noodle later.
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One of our first stops was Mamee Jonker House... who doesn't love the blue iconic Mamee Monster? Here, you will find a cafe (serving local food) and there is also a Merchandise area, Noodle Doodle area upstairs (where you can doodle on your noodle cup and watch it being packed) and a Lil Monster Kitchen (available weekends only) to see how Mamee Monster is made.

Nancy's Kitchen Restaurant

13, Jalan KL 3/8, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Opened since 27 Oct 1999 serving the traditional recipe from generations of Peranakan (Baba Nyonya) food.

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Nancy’s Kitchen is not bad an option if you are looking for a Peranakan restaurant in Melaka.
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Overall, Nancy's Kitchen has a home style Peranakan Food with reasonable pricing.
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Overall, it is still a recommended restaurant whenever you have the Peranakan food crave in you. Just stick with their signature food and you will avoid any disappointment. Total Damage: RM122.00 Ambiance: 3/5 Service 3/5 Food Serving Speed: Moderate Recommended?: Yes

Bulldog Restaurant

145, Jalan Bendahara 75100 Melaka Malaysia

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Reasons to visit Bulldog Malacca: cool, clean and contemporary setting; an excellent introduction to Nyonya cuisine; must must must order the Lamb Shank Keluak and Cendol.

Poh Piah Lwee 香薄饼食家 Restaurant

14, Jalan Kubu 75300 Melaka Malaysia

Situated just next to Jonker Street, offering mouth-watering delights such as poh piah, rojak, laksa and nonya dumpling.

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We initially ordered one poh piah (RM3) - after tasting the first one, we immediately placed an order for another one as it was so GOOD! The popiahs here are made fresh to order.

Ole Sayang Restaurant

198 & 199 Taman Melaka Raya 75000 Melaka, Malaysia

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Finally here comes our long-awaited main dish, The Sambal Udang Petai RM19.00 featuring stir-fry prawn and bitter bean in hot sauce. The overall dish tastes rather spicy, has an irresistible sweet and sour flavor, a perfect dish that will make you enjoy another bowl of rice in no time! 😉

HungryBear Restaurant

G1 & G2, BB Bazaar Jalan Delima 2 Taman Kerjasama 75450 Bukit Beruang Melaka Malaysia

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Also sampling the Masala Pizza Rolls (RM 29.80), these inventive pizzas are definitely cool in not only the taste, but thoughtfully the size and shapes of it. Fun sized pizza filed and loaded with Anchor Shredded Mozarella Cheese, Anchor Shredded Parmesan Cheese and Anchor Colby and Cheddar Cheese along Masala meat and spinach, it was not the only thing that’s impressive. I’ve had the regular pizzas and they are good for pizza lovers. Tomyum flavour in particular really stands out with the spike of sharp tang and spicy.
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The all new menu in HungryBear , Masala Pizza Rolls with Options of Chicken and Vegetarian at RM29.80 and Cheese Pretzza with options of Minced Chicken or Cinnamon starting at RM17.80 . Both of this awesome platter is my first time trying and rare to get , this menu can be found at few outllet in Klang valley and here at HungryBear .

The Old Merchant 滙庄 Restaurant

88, Jalan Kampung Pantai 75200 Melaka Malaysia

The Old Merchant 滙庄 , is an hidden oriental speakeasy cocktail bar evolved from an ancient private bank established in 1920s. Housed in a pre-war shop located at Jlan Kmapung Pantai, the first Chinatown in Malacca since 15th century. We serve signature cocktail that are inspired by the rich history of Malacca ans also wide selection of spirits and liquers curated by our team of mixologists.

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Sun Wukong RM35 – Hennessy Vs, Banana Liquer, Angostura Bitter. Our favourite cocktails on The Old Merchant Melaka ‘s menu.
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Reasons to visit The Old Merchant Malacca: Melaka’s first legal contemporary speakeasy; a setting full of character with lots of Instaworthy angles; genuinely friendly staff; craft cocktails that are balanced, nicely garnished and offer a range of flavours for various palates.

Nadeje - Jaya 99 Restaurant

G-01, Bangunan Jaya 99 Block A Jalan Tun Sri Lanang 75100 Melaka

Established since 2006. Nadeje prides itself on its quality fresh ingredients and finest handmade Mille Crepe & other special cakes/desserts that taste flavourful and satisfying all on its own.

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Here's the location.

Donald & Lily Restaurant

Ground Floor No. 16 Jln KSB 1 Taman Kota Shah Bandar 75200 Melaka Malaysia

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Service at Donald & Lily Restaurant is partially self-service. Staff are quick to seat you and take orders, displaying decent product knowledge on the menu, but you'll have to self-help for cutlery.
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Next up, we order a signature Peranakan dish called Nasi Ayam Pongtay RM11.00 featuring blue rice (pea flower) serves with mixed vegetables and a bowl of braised chicken. The blue rice is warm and fragrant, mixed vegetables deems to be quite salty where we only manage to taste the “Kicap” (soy sauce) flavor, while Ayam Pongtay for us is a pure disaster, although chicken is braised to perfection yet the taste is super-duper salty, tongue feels numb right after sipping onto the Pongtay Kuah (highly suspects is an overnights cooking result), can’t even proceed after the first scoop so we decide to raise white flag and leave it there as per it is, seriously feel like “Ketuk” the chef with a ladle and ask them dah bangun ke belum?! 😉

Straits Affair Restaurant

53 Lorong Hang Jebat (Inside Cheng Ho Museum) Melaka, Malaysia

First Peranakan Patisserie, Kueh-kery™ and tea room by an 8th Generation Baba, the Great Grandnephew of the eminent Baba Sir Tun Tan Cheng Lock.

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I love and I’m in full support of the owners’ vision of showcasing Peranakan heritage through this “kueh-kery”. Their aim to make authentic Peranakan kueh and desserts available to the public is certainly commendable In addition to education, locals and foreigners can enjoy dainty pieces of local delicacies, savouries and beverages in an air-conditioned outlet. While the decor and ambience could do with more work, it is still a decent place for some quiet time. No WIFI is available at the moment.

Masmago Café Restaurant

55, Jalan MP3, Taman Merdeka Permai, 75350 Batu Berendam, Melaka, Malaysia

Masmago Cafe is a fruit ice dessert cafe which provide variety of ice dessert, fresh fruit juices and smoothies. No pork,no lard,no alcohol.

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大家都知道果汁的厉害了吧~ 要健康的朋友想yumcha时可以到【Masmago Cafe】。

The Fat Bee Restaurant

The Jetty, No12A, Exit Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, Melaka, Malaysia

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The Western fare also showcased Homemade Pasta and Pizzas. Mushroom Pasta (RM 21) was delicious with that generous fresh shitake, button mushroom, enoki, and porchini. Best choice for mushroom lovers.Duck and Apple Pizza (RM 25) spreads smoked duck, apple, and caramelized onion and held together with generous melted cheese.

Jia Restaurant

Kings Green Hotel 28, Jalan Tun Perak 75300 Melaka

Come savor Chinese Thai cuisine at its finest where our chefs concoct special dishes derived from the best of local and Chinese cuisines in Asia. A matrimony made in heaven indeed.

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Chicken Buah Keluak (RM45.00). The keluak paste is rich, creamy with an intense smoky and earthy flavor. The curry chicken was beautifully thick and enriched with loads of spices and herbs. The Buah Keluak provided a distinctive yet not too overpowering nutty taste to the curry.
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First dish up, a Thai classic of Steamed Seabass in Spicy Lime Juice (RM49 onwards). Beautiful balance of sweet, savory, sour and spicy makes the dish a very appetizing one to go with steamed rice. One may even find the soup so irresistible like me who kept going back for spoonful after spoonful of the flavourful soup. The presentation was an added bonus to the dish.

Unicorn Cafe Restaurant

43, Jalan Melaka Raya 11 Taman Melaka Raya 75000 Melaka Malaysia

Home-cooked Peranakan delicacies

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Our favorite Nyonya appetizer - pai tee (RM5 for 5 pieces) served in a cute metal tray. Prepared to order, so the shells were wonderfully crisp and warm, filled with a moist and flavorful filling of thinly sliced vegetables and omelette, with a spicy chilli served on the side. Really tasty!

Budi Restaurant

16, Kampung Jawa 75100 Melaka Malaysia

Inspired by Dondang Sayang clubs of yesteryear serving carefully crafted luscious cocktails made with the freshest unique local produce 🍸🍹🥃🍷🥂

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Reasons to visit Budi Bar Melaka: charming hidden setting; great for afternoon drinking; focus on fresh local fruits; original craft cocktails; my favourites are the Belimbing and Kedondong; hubby is a huge fan of the pandan.

Sin See Tai 新时代 Restaurant

18, Kampung Jawa 75100 Melaka Malaysia

Coffee Roaster & Cafe: A small batch coffee roaster and an experimental ground of The Daily Fix. A cafe of 16 seats, a small kitchen, small menu with the aim to further explore the possibilities of quality food and coffee.

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Reasons to visit Sin See Tai: excellent coffee made on their house-roasted beans; great sourdough; loved the granola, and the quinoa barley risotto; charming setting; friendly team.

Mdm. Kiow Cendol Restaurant

No. 516-1, Batu 7 1/4 Bukit Rambai 75260 Melaka

Are you looking for weekend dessert� Do feel free to visit us during weekend

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The first thing that hits your senses when you take a sip of the cendol (RM4) is the fragrance of Gula Melaka. The taste is so pure and ‘kao’ that the experience is almost like drinking a melted coconut candy, a concentrated one that is. If you like your cendol with extreme Gula Melaka taste, you will surely love this.

Doodle Bowls Restaurant

Level 3, Elements Mall Jalan Melaka Raya 23 Hatten City Taman Melaka Raya 75000 Melaka

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We selected 5 pieces of chicken drumstick (RM26.90) and 2 pieces of chicken wings (RM11.90). For those who prefer boneless chicken, there is chicken popcorn as well as chicken skin. The drumsticks were pretty huge and meaty, with lovely crisp skin. I enjoyed my wings, which were separated into drumettes and wingettes.

Bica & Co Restaurant

Rosa Malacca 212 Jalan Parameswara Melaka

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It is not uncommon that the expectations are instantly elevated by at least a 30 percent whenever a place is glamorous and impressive looking from the outside. We would usually expect a pleasant experience in whole but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Well at least not for this new establishment in Melaka.

Sanjuang Restaurant

Stall 3 Medan Selera Portuguese Settlement Ujong Pasir 75050 Melaka

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Please do not go to Portuguese Settlement for "Portuguese" food. It's just a mixture of Nyonya, Chinese, well basically Malaysian taste with exorbitant prices. Also, the harassing crowd is pretty annoying and can be very scary. I would still like to try Melaka's Portuguese food, but definitely not here. Will do more research the next time I hit Melaka!

Who's Tea - Malacca 鬍子茶 Restaurant

No.8, KLJ 9 Taman Kota Laksamana Jaya 75200 Malacca Malaysia

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完美到有在台湾的感觉和服务, 鬍子茶的不一样就是有各种茶的选择.说起茶叶,不一样就是不一样.说起茶叶,它们的茶叶都是台湾进口的高级茶叶,有四种茶:青茶,绿茶,红茶和铁观音,主打传承茶的文化.

Vintry Melaka Restaurant

54, Jalan Tokong Kampung Dua 75200 Melaka Malaysia

With “Experience Wine” as our catch phrase, the Vintry name is synonymous with all things wine and porky; setting the bar for the quintessential wine bar offering the largest selection of wines with tasty good food!

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Reasons to visit Vintry Melaka: must try the classic Vintry roast pork to understand where it all began; Melaka Portuguese recipes – our favourites were the Aubergine Fritters, Roti Babi and Keluak Pork Ribs; give the Coconut Cendol a try for dessert; THE place for wine in Malacca.

Cheesecake House Restaurant

16 Jalan KLJ 1, Jaya, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Malacca, Malaysia

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Juicy Baby Malacca Restaurant

Jalan Baiduri 1, Taman Pulau Melaka, 75000, Malacca, Malaysia

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The Curly Tail Restaurant

53, Jalan Tokong 75200 Melaka Malaysia

western restaurant for happy hour and dinner....we are a non halal restaurant..served iberico pork and crafted beer

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Fan (Abanico- MYR 43.90) Comes with homemade meat salt, potato cake, pickles and garlic confit. After just the first bite, I could immediately crown this as my fave! Not only that the meat was succulently juicy and tender, but there was this unexplainably sweetness that got heightened up as you chewed on.