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    Jalan Taman Zooview, Kampung Kemensah,
    Ulu Kelang
    68000 Ampang Jaya
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Air Terjun Sofia Jane
Air Terjun Lata Syam (Detour right from Cabang Sungai)
Air Terjun Lata Pinang (left ftom Cabang Sungai) -> Air Terjun Maya Karin (Small) -> Air Terjun Neelofa

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Opening hours and best time to visit Kemensah Waterfall Hiking Trail?

How to get to Kemensah Waterfall Hiking Trail?

Things to do in Kemensah Waterfall Hiking Trail?

Information & Tips about Kemensah Waterfall?

Desmond Lua
  • 2 years ago

Entrance of the Hiking Trail is after the Paint Ball Field and before Institut Budaya Baru Malaysia. There is a small route on your right, with a shed with toilet (last seen on Jun 2018). The trail to the first waterfall is less than one hour, where the trail is used for ATV activity. From here to the last 2 waterfall is about 1h15m if you take the route following the river. The path is not well marked. When coming back you can take the land-route which is faster.



Desmond Lua
  • 2 years ago

Wonderful waterfall so near to KL. Expect a slow full day trip to explore all three waterfalls with plenty of time for meals and bathing.

  • 3 years ago

Air Terjun Sofea Jane, Lata Pinang, Lata Maya Karin,  Lata Neelofa.  – Nawi Da Vinci

Ya, mesti bagi sesiapa yang dah terbaca dari blog orang lain akan perasan, kenapa tak disebut Lata Sham?! Based on info yang NDV baca, Lata Sham di simpang kanan di cabang sungai, dan tidaklah setinggi Sofea Jane, Lata Pinang atau Neelofa, so, untuk NDV, NDV dah selesai mencari semua air terjun disini.
  • 3 years ago

Air Terjun Sofea Jane & Lata Pinang,  Kemensah – Nawi Da Vinci

Menurut info dari satu blog pada Jun 2016, kalau dari Lata Pinang terus maju kedepan lagi 10minit boleh jumpa Lata Gitar atau nama barunya Lata Neelofa. Time tu kami memang tak tahu, tapi, memang rasa nak explore lagi akan datang.Jom!
  • 4 years ago

Four Waterfall hike @ Ulu Klang | POKOK KELAPA

Tip Unless you plan to go no further than Jeram Kubang Gajah, this is a wet hike. So be prepared to squelch around in wet shoes and socks or opt for hiking sandals or adidas kampung, and pack your gear in a dry bag. Check the weather before you set out and have an exit strategy in place if it starts to spit. Do not attempt, if rain is expected. We did encounter some leeches, so wear leech socks and tuck in your tee/shirt, if getting intimate with blood suckers is not your bag.