• Spag & Ju’s, Sunway Pyramid
    Spag & Ju’s, Sunway Pyramid
    1. Aug 30, 2019
    2. pagar-putih.blogspot.com
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      Kedai macam ni standard la, makanan murah, air mahal. Kami minum lemonade dia sedap jugak, walaupun mahal sikit. Menyegarkan~~

    1. Spag & Ju's @ Sunway Velocity
      Spag & Ju's @ Sunway Velocity
      1. Oct 26, 2018
      2. eatwhateatwhere.blogspot.com
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        My Personal Opinion Although I won't bother eating those commercially produced meat and frozen fish, the chicken chop itself is worth trying for the price and taste if you happen to be in the mall looking for cheaper eats.

      1. Spag & Jus @ Sunway Velocity
        Spag & Jus @ Sunway Velocity
        1. Sep 10, 2018
        2. www.malaysianfoodie.com
        3. Review

          Slurpy Chicken (RM 17) We had their Slurpy Chicken where the chicken comes simply juicy and moist. The portion is pretty huge to be enjoyed and they are deliciously sides with the al-dente pasta. Just perfect to my tastebuds.

        1. Spag & Ju’s @ Sunway Velocity
          Spag & Ju’s @ Sunway Velocity
          1. Sep 10, 2018
          2. www.taufulou.com
          3. Review

            One of my personal favourite is their Daging Fries (more like sloppy fries). Drench in their special daging sauce that make this quite addictive. If I can sneak this into the cinema, it would be perfect.

          1. FOODIE REVIEW: Spag & Jus
            FOODIE REVIEW: Spag & Jus
            1. May 12, 2018
            2. www.fadimamooneira.com
            3. Review

              In my opinion, Spag & Jus serving are yummi-licious. The serving is quite big and the price is quite affordable. All food at Spag & Jus dijamin halal. Spag & Jus is also an awesome spot to have yam cha with your mates.

            1. Spag & Ju's@ SunwayVelocityMall, Kuala Lumpur
              Spag & Ju's@ SunwayVelocityMall, Kuala Lumpur
              1. Nov 22, 2017
              2. emobananaboy.blogspot.com
              3. Review

                Food wise was pretty standard as most of it is from frozen market or aka pre pack frozen food and mostly was pre cook. So can be consider western fast food ^^.

              1. 吃喝玩乐旅宝妈 LOVELYBAO123 FAMILY TRAVEL BLOG: 【雪隆美食】Spag & Ju’s @ Sunway Pyramid| 价廉物美的快餐式意大利面
                吃喝玩乐旅宝妈 LOVELYBAO123 FAMILY TRAVEL BLOG: 【雪隆美食】Spag & Ju’s @ Sunway Pyramid| 价廉物美的快餐式意大利面
                1. Apr 1, 2017
                2. www.lovelybao123.com
                3. Review

                  Spag & Ju's 的店面不大, 四方的桌子搭配再普通不过的凳子, 就是要你吃饱了赶快让位给下一个顾客啦! 我们一行三个大人带着在推车内睡觉的欢欢, 要找个位子还真不容易。 不过热心的服务员很贴心地给我们安排了旁边的位子, 这样至少不会打扰到欢欢入眠。

                1. Spag & Ju’s @ Sunway Pyramid
                  Spag & Ju’s @ Sunway Pyramid
                  1. Mar 20, 2017
                  2. eetfangblabla.blogspot.com
                  3. Review

                    The spaghetti itself tastes good, maybe a bit salty for some people but just right for me. But since sauce was given, I added it on top of the spaghetti. The taste turns from salty to sweet. Equally delicious =P

                  1. Spag & Ju’s @ Sunway Pyramid
                    Spag & Ju’s @ Sunway Pyramid
                    1. Dec 22, 2016
                    2. writingintocloud.blogspot.com
                    3. Review

                      My order of Grilled chicken set. Pretty nice as they pan fry the spaghetti. It can be a little bland for some, but if you drizzle some of the fine black pepper sauce over it. The sauce is quite decent, not too salty and not too spicy or watery just right. The angel hair like spaghetti portion is quite big, so if you are just looking for a bite, maybe share one set among 2 will be just right. The whole thing costs me RM24 inclusind GST, it means the price is inclusive which a lot of places are doing otherwise nowadays. Not a shabby place to get cheaper option of spaghetti meal at Pyramid.

                    1. Spag And Ju’s
                      Spag And Ju’s
                      1. Nov 7, 2016
                      2. chenbengleedeliciousfooddirectory.blogspot.com
                      3. Review

                        介绍一家刚开不久还蛮不错的炒意大利面和西餐店Spag & Ju's, 位于Sunway Pyramid LG2。意大利面炒得刚刚好,不太干也不会糊掉。食物味道不错也蛮大份的。特别推荐它的Slurpy Chicken还有Slurpy BF,有三种酱料供选择那就是Brown Sauce,Black Pepper Sauce和Tomato Sauce。唯一美中不足的是选择不多,Main Course总共只有九种选择。喜欢吃意大利面的可以来试试看。