• Sunway Pyramid Mall Review - The Perpetual Saturday
    Sunway Pyramid Mall Review - The Perpetual Saturday
    1. Dec 11, 2021
    2. theperpetualsaturday.com
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      The shop selection isn’t quite to my taste and I didn’t particularly need anything, so I came away with only one thing purchased on this day. However, I realised during our visit that this is a good mall to hang out in. Not just for active people willing to spend money on the entertainment venues, but also for those looking for a more laid back day. There are so many nice places to enjoy a meal or a coffee in this mall, especially the Costa Coffee in the main atrium. The various atriums and resting areas at Sunway Pyramid are excellent people-watching spots. Unlike many other malls, Sunway Pyramid actually has lots of benches and places to sit at regular intervals! This is the mall I’d want to go to if I didn’t need to buy anything but just wanted to spend an afternoon somewhere comfortable. The only thing stopping me from coming to Sunway Pyramid Mall more often is that it is a bit far from me.

    1. 10 MUST-TRY Places in Sunway Pyramid
      10 MUST-TRY Places in Sunway Pyramid
      1. Sep 18, 2019
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        Sunway Pyramid adalah salah satu pusat membeli-belah yang terkemuka di sekitar KL dan PJ. Terdapat juga lebih 200 kedai makanan yang menawarkan beribu hidang...