Muar Historia Rabbit Home Restaurant

No 69, Jalan Sisi Pekan Muar 84000 Muar Johor Malaysia

Promote makanan Warisan dan kebudaya tempatan, Muar Sejarah, Artifik, Bandar Maharani Bandar Diraja INFO Centre dan Perkhidmatan katering professional.

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Did you go to Restaurant Rabbit Home yet ? It seems that the average resident of Muar knows the existence of a restaurant located in Muar , Johor . Famous for the history displayed in the restaurant . Concerned on the restaurant's Muar Historical Concept Restaurant or Museum , James Teo said , Muar Historia Rabbit Home is a must-referral site for outdoor visitors , especially historical fans .

Ah Choy Wan Tan Mee 亚才云吞缅 Restaurant

Jalan Meriam, Pekan Muar, 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia

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If you are at Muar Glutton Street, Ah Choy Wan Tan Mee is a Must, if you love "red" wanton mee of the Singapore / Johor kind. (I know "black" wanton mee people won't like this 😜 )

R&H Cafe Restaurant

130-2 Bangunan Mara Jalan Maharani Taman Sri Emas 84000 Muar Johor Malaysia

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At muar , MUO people takes satay as their common daily breakfast . We have been greeted by the smell of satay when we step in the shop , At Muar satay serves as breakfast nothing to curious about when you are here . Most of the restaurants opened in the morning when we dizzy in the town of Muar for breakfast . The R&H Cafe is proud to be one of the cafes around that was graced by the Sultan of Johor , a fact that has been photographed , framed and placed the wall of the café .

Little Muar Restaurant

GCH-01, Wetex Parade, No 69, Jalan Ali, Muar

Kafe kami menghidangkan kopi traditional tempatan, kopi espresso, makanan tempatan, western, Kuih-muih, pastries dan dessert.

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Little muar cafe

Ah Teck Chwee Kueh Restaurant

Pekan Muar, 84000 Muar, Johor

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Ah teck chwee kueh muar
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One of the few standing Chwee Kueh stalls in Muar could be found at Jalan Yahya, just in front of the Toto shop. It is only open in the morning and has been a local favorite for breakfast for many years. The price is really cheap too, 10 of these delectable morsels cost only RM2. You could opt for 5 pieces for RM1 too if you want.

Food Street Jalan Haji Abu 贪吃街 Restaurant

Jalan Haji Abu, Pekan Muar, 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia

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Muar Soup House 麻坡湯之家 Restaurant

47, Jalan Sisi, Pekan Muar, 84000 Muar, Johor

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Muar soup house