• Address

    11A, Jalan SS 2/30
    SS 2
    47300 Petaling Jaya
    Selangor, Malaysia
  • Opening hour

    9:30AM - 9:00PM
    Closed on Sunday
  • Contact number

    03-7877 5833
  • Price / Fee

    [1 year ago]
    Bayam (amaranth vege) flat skin noodles (RM14.62) ‧ Chai kueh (RM1.51) ‧ Claypot yimi (yee mee) (RM16.90) ‧ Daily Set Lunch (RM12.74) ‧ Glutinous rice nyonya dumpling (RM5.30) ‧ Kwai Fa Mee (RM15.21) ‧ Lei Cha (RM14.62) ‧ Lontong (RM16.90) ‧ Mee Rebus (RM15.21) ‧ Millet nyonya dumpling (RM6.30) ‧ Mixed vege curry noodles (RM14.62) ‧ Organic Mungbean biscuits (RM6.70) ‧ Pumpkin cake (RM1.51) ‧ Radish cake (RM1.51) ‧ Set Lunch (RM12.74) ‧ Set lunch (RM12.42) ‧ Snow Fungus with Pumpkin and Wolfberries (RM4.32) ‧ Stir Fried Mee Hoon with Salted Egg and Bittergourd (RM14.62) ‧ Vege Mushroom Teh (RM15.21) ‧ Vegetarian Nasi Dagang (RM15.60) ‧ Vegetarian glutinous rice dumpling (RM5.30) ‧ Vegetarian set lunch (RM12.74) ‧ Vegetarian set lunch with Tempeh (RM12.74) ‧ XO sauce fried rice (RM14.62) ‧ Yin choy pan mee (RM16.90)
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    Set lunch ‧ Vegetarian set lunch ‧ Daily set lunch
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Medifoods (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a food solutions provider that manages a chain of restaurants, retail outlets, and lifestyle cafes in hospitals. Medifoods is committed to making available tasty & healthy food alongside nutritional advice, organic products, and catering services. Medifoods' mission is to empower People and Communities by giving them the opportunity to take charge of their health and lifestyle. Learn more about us.

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WG Vegetarian Claypot Yimi

Claypot yimi (yee mee) at MYR 16.90 nett from Medifoods, SS2, PJ. It has a lot of vegetables such as napa cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, mushrooms in it, and also tofu, soybean sheets.
The yimi noodles taste different from the usual yimi noodles. They are not as salty and the texture is more springy. I would not order this noodle again as I prefer Medifoods lontong and mee jawa than this yee mee. This noodle is for those who want to eat a lot of vegetables with yimi noodles in a very clear and light soup.

  • 3 years ago
  • 2 reviews

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Medifoods - SS2, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 381 likes · 1 talking about this · 120 were here. Organic, Health & Nutrition Foods
  • 3 years ago
  • 14 reviews

Medifoods SS2 - Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant

See 17 photos and 4 tips from 153 visitors to Medifoods SS2. "Easy to find parking, healthy food options and now the shop even has air-cond!"

Two days in a row

Mee Rebus at MYR 15.21 nett (after 5% discount with member card) at Medifoods, SS2 PJ. I chose mee hoon and my friend could not accept the thought of eating mee hoon as mee rebus. The ingredients seem to be the same as Lontong, Medifoods but the broth is very different. This broth is a bit on the sweet side.

WG Medifoods Lontong

I wanted to try Lontong and Mee Rebus but so far, I have only managed to try Lontong at MYR 16.90 nett but with the discount card, the price is MYR 15.21 nett. They do not have compressed rice (nasi himpit) so I chose mee hoon. The broth/gravy is very creamy but does not taste like coconut milk. I did not ask them what they use but I am guessing that they may have used cashew nuts by blending them to get the creaminess. I may ask them next time but the staff are always very busy.

WG New Menu

Kwai Fa Mee at MYR 15.21 nett after 10% discount. The noodle is somewhat similar to those type of thin Hakka noodles without any kansui (alkaline) taste. Shredded carrots, green capsicums, cloud ear fungus are stir fried with the noodles so it is tasty. I like that the egg is fully cooked without any runny yolk.


Medifoods, PJ again. Set Lunch at MYR 12.42 nett (after applying the 10% discount to the usual price of MYR 13.80 nett by using the member card). I like the mustard greens.

WG Member Discount

The foc tofufa that my friend collected for the previous visit. I tried one tablespoonful without any brown sugar syrup and it is indeed very smooth. My friend told me that it tastes better with the syrup.

WG Vegetarian Millet Dumpling

Glutinous Rice Nyonya Dumpling. The white glutinous rice is soft so I like it and I believe I tasted some ground roasted peanuts in the slightly spicy and sweet fillings. I have never eaten an authentic nyonya dumpling before so I cannot comment on this point.

WG Vegetarian Bak Chang

The next day, my friends ate lunch at Medifoods again so this time I bought a vegetarian glutinous rice dumpling for MYR 5.30 nett.
From outside, it looks like the usual dumplings but without the meat and fatty bits. I expect it to have goat peas, chestnuts and mushrooms which it does have.

WG Fried Salted Egg

Stir Fried Mee Hoon with Salted Egg and Bittergourd at MYR 14.62 nett. I was surprised to see pieces of stir fried salted egg whites and salted egg yolks instead of salted egg yolk gravy. Of course the salted egg is salty but luckily the almost raw bitter gourds help to mitigate the saltiness. Overall, the mee hoon is on the dry side and I would like it to be softer but I like the raw taste of the bitter gourd.

Minced Meat

The "minced meat" used to cook the mapo tofu and long bean taste so real that I could not believe that they are not meat.

WG Weekly Vege

Daily set lunch - MYR 12.74 nett at Medifoods, SS2, PJ. No mayo as before. I like the potatoes and mushroom stir fry dish a lot, just because I like to eat potatoes, lolx! :D Kept half my lunch for dinner as usual.

WG Weekly Medifoods

Daily Set Lunch - MYR 12.74 nett at Medifoods, SS2, PJ. I remembered to ask them to omit the mayo like previously. This time, they served a tomato omelette as this is a vegetarian meal and not a vegan meal so dairy food items and eggs are allowed.

WG Weekly Vege Meal

MYR 12.74 nett at Medifoods. I have forgotten to ask them to omit the mayo like previously. I like the two pieces of bean curd (tofu) because I think it is made with some other ingredients apart from the usual ingredients to make tofu.

Organic Mung Bean Biscuits

I bought this packet of Organic Mungbean biscuits from Medifoods, PJ. I like eating mung bean biscuits so I will most likely buy them when I see them if they are not too expensive.

WG No mayo

Set Lunch at Medifoods again. This time I remembered to request for no mayonnaise on the shredded cabbages. Other dishes are slices of lotus stems and a medley of sauteed mushrooms.

WG Potato curry

Weekly vegetarian set lunch from Medifoods at MYR 12.74 nett in Aug 2018. This time they served potato curry which I like. Yummy! As usual they serve papaya or jicama as appetisers and soup of the day to accompany this rice set

WG Weekly Vege

My vegetarian set lunch (MYR 12.74 nett) - black bean bitter gourd is one of the dish. This time the soup of the day is Kau Kee (Cantonese for wolfberry leaves, goji leaves, 九杞菜) soup. As usual I kept half the basmati rice for dinner with some vegetables.

WG Tempeh Vegetarian Set

Weekly vegetarian set lunch (MYR 12.74 nett) again at Medifoods with Tempeh as one of the dishes accompanied by a bowl of vegetables soup (not in photo). As usual they serve papaya as the appetiser before serving the main meal.

WG All Vege

My friends and I also shared a piece of pumpkin cake, radish cake and chai kueh at MYR 1.51 nett each. I think no one would say vegetarian food is not tasty after they have eaten these snacks.

WG Medifoods Set Lunch

This is the 3rd visit to Medifoods Lifestyle Cafe that serves organic food. This time I ordered their set lunch at MYR 12.74 nett. It is accompanied by a small bowl of vegetables soup. I like all the 4 vegetable dishes but prefer it to be without the mayo. Similar to the lei cha meal, the rice served is long grain basmati rice which is light and fluffy.

Medifoods Lei Cha

Went back to Medifoods Lifestyle Cafe to try their Lei Cha at MYR 14.62 nett. The price is better than BMS Lei Cha. The taste is in the same good category. They use basmati rice so it is light and the long grains are easy to eat. The vegetables are carrots, french beans, purple cabbage, leeks, cloud ear fungus, beancurd, cabbage, and some other green vegetables.

WG Medifoods

Vegetarian Nasi Dagang - MYR 15.60 nett with red rice, tofu, broccoli, pickled cabbage and beancurd drumsticks rendang. Taste good so I finished all the gravy as not to waste. As usual I kept half the portion for dinner.
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