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Desmond Lua
  • 5 years ago

If you’re starting from Murren, ignore the Schilthorn hiking signs (they’ll take you up, but the route they follow is far less beautiful than this lesser-known one) and, instead, walk to the cable car station (not the train station) and follow signs for the rotstockhutte. Partway to the hutte (hut), you’ll see signs for Bryndli: start following those. Then, as soon as you see signs for Schiltalp, follow those. Finally, you’ll come to a point where the Schiltalp sign points one way and a sign for Birg points another; follow the signs for Birg and keep beside the fence when the path splits. Keep following to Birg and then follow signs for Schilthorn.

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Desmond Lua
  • 5 years ago

The hike is advanced, steep, and not for the inexperienced.
5 hours with elevation gain of 1,320 meters.


  • 6 years ago

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