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    • PRIME @ Le Meridien KL
      PRIME @ Le Meridien KL
      1. Apr 30, 2021
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        Overall the food has good standards but the interior of the restaurant is slightly dated and in dire need of a facelift. The high price point with outdated interior doesn’t quite justify the worthiness but thankfully the food is good!

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        Prime Le Meridien KL New Chef New Menu
        1. Jun 3, 2019
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          Reasons to visit Prime Le Meridien KL: a restaurant were steak is handled with absolute respect; chef Ramiro Moya brings a fantastic new menu to the restaurant with some authentic Latin American touches and beautiful plating; a great wine list.

        1. Chef Walter Ishizuka @ Le Meridien, Prime
          Chef Walter Ishizuka @ Le Meridien, Prime
          1. Nov 29, 2018
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          1. Prime @ Le Meridian Kuala Lumpur
            Prime @ Le Meridian Kuala Lumpur
            1. Mar 13, 2017
            3. Review

              Meat lover rejoice! Prime Steak Restaurant has been around for many years. Recently awarded the 'Best Meat Place' by Time Out KL's Food Awards for 2014, Prime dishes out a large variety of steaks of the finest quality imported from U.S and Australia.