Sibu Central Market


    • Back alley…
      Back alley…
      1. Mar 11, 2020
      3. Review

        The noodles were somewhat disappointing – it had its own unique taste and was all right but I don’t remember it tasting like that and I did hear that he used to make his own flat noodles but not anymore. The texture was not quite there and it made me feel kind of sad that what I loved so very long ago wasn’t quite the same anymore. The meat wasn’t any consolation either.

      1. Go upstairs…
        Go upstairs…
        1. Mar 1, 2020
        3. Review

          I tried it (Beef noodles special)…and yes, it was good but just that like everything else, I would rather go without the green vegetables. I shall tell the guy to leave them out the next time I come here for this.