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    • Budu Sauce Fish Burger
      Budu Sauce Fish Burger
      1. Jun 17, 2019
      3. Review

        I also bought a peanut butter, blueberry jam burger to try like I said I would. The menu price is MYR 19+ (6% SST = MYR 20.15 nett). Surprisingly, the blueberry jam goes well with the beef patty but the peanut butter gives out oil that felt like it could give me a sore throat so I don't think I will eat this burger again.

      1. Curious to Try
        Curious to Try
        1. Apr 28, 2019
        3. Review

          This time, I order the OHana again with mild sauce. Next time I will request to omit the sauce because it is too flavourful. I will try the peanut butter, blueberry jam burger next time.

        1. Ice cream Burgers
          Ice cream Burgers
          1. Aug 3, 2018
          3. Review

            Portobello mushroom and pineapple burger (no meat) - MYR 17 nett. Look at the thick mushroom - so tasty!