• Address

    GE-11 Ground Floor IOI City Mall
    Lebuh IRC
    IOI Resort City
    62502 Putrajaya
  • Opening hour

    10:00AM - 10:00PM
  • Contact number

    012-705 0684
  • Signature Dishes

    Curry Soup ‧ Spinach ‧ Steamboat ‧ Miso Soup ‧ Abalone slice ‧ Octopus ‧ Clams
  • Dishes

    [1 year ago]
    Abalone ‧ Abalone Slice ‧ Abc ‧ Australia Beef Slices ‧ Australian beef slices ‧ Bamboo Clams ‧ Beef Bone pepper soup ‧ Beef or lamb slice ‧ Beef slices ‧ Black Peppers Beef ‧ Brown sotong ‧ Button mushrooms ‧ Cheese Fish balls ‧ Chicken ‧ Chicken Soup ‧ Chinese cabbage ‧ Chocolate ‧ Clams ‧ Crabs ‧ Curry Soup ‧ Cuttlefish balls ‧ Egg noodles ‧ Enoki mushrooms ‧ Fish ‧ Fish ball with cheese ‧ Fish ball with cheese and shrimp ‧ Fish ball with fish roe ‧ Fresh Premium Abalone Slices ‧ Fresh prawns ‧ Fried chicken ‧ Fried rice ‧ Fries ‧ Honey Beef ‧ Ice cream ‧ Kang kung ‧ Lala ‧ Lettuce ‧ Lobster balls ‧ Lobster fishballs ‧ Marinated beef ‧ Mee ‧ Mini salted egg ‘pau ‧ Miso Soup ‧ Mussels ‧ Mutton ‧ NZ Mutton ‧ New Zealand Lamb Slices ‧ Nuggets ‧ Octopus ‧ Oyster mushrooms ‧ Peri Peri Chicken ‧ Prawn Soup ‧ Prawns ‧ Premium lamb ‧ Premium meat ‧ Ramen ‧ Sawi ‧ Sea urchin flavoured balls ‧ Shiitake mushrooms ‧ Smoke Duck Breast ‧ Smoked Duck ‧ Smoked duck slices ‧ Spaghetti ‧ Spinach ‧ Spinach noodles ‧ Squid ‧ Steamboat ‧ Strawberry ‧ Sweet potatoes leaves ‧ Tom Yam soup ‧ Tomyam Soup ‧ Udon ‧ Vermicelli ‧ Wafer-thin lamb ‧ Yee Mee
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Fry all you want or just get going with the food in soup,it is all up to your choice of sensational dish-mix!

At Pak John, we serve urban cuisine consists of the most on-trend modern food yet reinvented into magnificent subtle creations that sum up as a one of a kind genre.

By implementing our years of experience in the culinary industry, we proundly present you with the most sensual urban cuisines that will satisfy you no matter you are a steamboat fanatic, a Yong Tao Foo dinner or a regular cafe goer. We serve not one kind but all.

It is new, but this young yet extravagant concept will be what your stomach deserves here in Pak John. Hence,welcome to the sensual side of food.

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Pak John Steamboat with the Butterfly Project

It's truly a lovely steamboat and BBQ dining experience.
  • 1 year ago

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Buffet IOI City Mall added a ... - Facebook

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Buffet IOI City Mall added a new photo.

Eat Halal Buffet At Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Buffet in Putrajaya

Obviously, we do not miss the premium lamb, abalone slice and smoked duck. we are drooling when see the premium meat and abalone which is the signature ingredients in Pak John Steamboat & BBQ.

  • 1 year ago

【美食】去打边炉咯! Pak John Steamboat & BBQ @ IOI City Mall

他们家麻雀虽小五脏俱全; 所有食材都被分配到餐厅不同的位置
  • 1 year ago

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ, IOI City Mall | Malaysia

There is five variety hot piping delicious soup base to choose, pick one of your most favourite soup base you eant to enjoy like : Beef Bone pepper soup, Tomyam Soup, Curry Soup, Miso Soup and Chicken Soup. In the same time, You can grill the meats on the steel plate while put some butter.
  • 1 year ago

【Pak John Steamboat & BBQ】不到RM50就能吃到多达160种优质食材的火锅和烧烤



Steamboat and barbeque lovers looking for value-for-money and affordable dining should drop by Pak John Steamboat & BBQ in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya for their fix of grilled seafood and meat. With the "We Only Serve Quality And Fresh" as their slogan, Pak John Steamboat & BBQ welcomes customers to their newly opened second restaurant in the heart of Putrajaya.

Famed for their house-made ingredients of various selections of steamboat items, diners now can enjoy BUFFET-STYLE 'EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN' steamboat and barbeque dining for as low as RM 32.90++ (LUNCH) and RM 42.90++ (DINNER). Kids below age of 12 years, can dine at RM 17.95++ (LUNCH) and RM 22.95++ (DINNER) too!
  • 2 years ago

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ 2nd Outlet Opening at IOI City Mall [HALAL]

Again, I would like to say this will definitely be our favorite place. A place with good foods and good services. Not only that, Pak John is the BEST place for us to gather our Muslims friends to join makan-makan gathering with everyone.

Steamboat Putrajaya at Pak John Steamboat And BBQ @IOI City Mall Putrajaya

The Lobster fishballs are one of my favourites. Not only it has a nice taste, but also a bouncy and firm texture which is ideal for steamboat.

軒外之音 | IOI City Mall | Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Buffet | 平均一人 RM50 以下就可以让你吃到好吃到饱的火锅和烧烤 2in1

這家火鍋店是 Halal 的所以如果有聚會或是稿派對友族同胞也可以一起前來享受美食所以不管是火鍋也好,或是燒烤都好來 Pak John 一定能滿足你的味蕾
  • 2 years ago

軒外之音 | IOI City Mall | Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Buffet | 平均一人 RM50 以下就可以让你吃到好吃到饱的火锅和烧烤 2in1

這家火鍋店是 Halal 的所以如果有聚會或是稿派對友族同胞也可以一起前來享受美食所以不管是火鍋也好或是燒烤都好來 Pak John 一定能滿足你的味蕾
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