• Address

    S-JA3(A) Mid Valley Megamall
    Lingkaran Syed Putra
    Mid Valley City
    59200 Kuala Lumpur
  • Opening hour

    10:00AM - 10:00PM
  • Price / Fee

    Fried ying yong (mee hoon mix kway teow) (RM11.90) ‧ Mee sua chicken (RM10.90) ‧ Sarawak Laksa (RM10.90) ‧ Steam Rice with chicken and cloud ear fungus (RM9.90) ‧ Watercress soup (RM7.30)

    [1 year ago]
    Abc (RM4.50) ‧ BBQ Pork (RM7.90) ‧ Cendol (RM4.50) ‧ Grilled Pork Chop Nasi Lemak (RM11.90) ‧ Hokkien Mee (RM11.90) ‧ Hugh Low Pork Chop Nasi Lemak (RM11.90) ‧ Lan Jie Steamed Fish (RM19.90) ‧ Lechon Kawali Set (RM12.90) ‧ Medium sized tilapia (RM21.90) ‧ Mix Rice 1 Meat + 1 Vege (RM8.50) ‧ One steamed medium fish (RM21.90) ‧ Pork Noodle (RM9.90) ‧ Portuguese Ikan Pari & Sotong (RM12.80) ‧ Signature pork noodle + kidney + blood cubes (RM17.30) ‧ Soong Fish (松鱼) (RM5.80) ‧ Vinegar Pork Trotter with rice (RM15.50)
  • Signature Dishes

    Hokkien Mee
  • Dishes

    [1 year ago]
    Duck Rice & Siew Yok Rice ‧ Hokkien Mee ‧ Loh Mee ‧ Nasi Lemak ‧ 上城福建面 ‧ 兰姐蒸鱼 ‧ 湖滨鱼头米粉
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Solve the age-old question of ‘what to eat?’ at PopCorn Hall, an international non-halal food hall bursting with tasty options! Choose from local delicacies to tempting eats from around the world. No matter your choice, each meal will be prepared with fresh, quality ingredients for your enjoyment!

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Sarawak Laksa at Popcorn

After all the oil has been removed into a smaller bowl. This Sarawak Laksa is not that spicy and has a good enough strength of the signature herb taste in the Sarawak laksa. Won't buy again due to the amount of oil that needs to be removed but the taste is acceptable.

New Sarawak Laksa stall at PopCorn

So I ordered mee sua chicken at MYR 10.90 nett. The mee sua and mushroom is a bit on the salty side. The soup doesn't have any wine in it and the chicken drumstick is a bit on the tough side. Overall, it is ok.
  • 1 year ago

Popcorn Food Court @ Mid Valley: The Non – Halal Food Court in the Mall

Portuguese Ikan Pari & Sotong (RM 12.80)
I am loving the kick of umphhh and spiciness of the dish itself. Though the portion of the ikan pari is not much but it is good enough for one. I am loving the taste of it with the spicy squid that accompany with it.

PopCorn Ding Xiang

Pork Noodle at MYR 9.90 nett with liver, pork slices and intestines. The chilli dip is made from chilli, garlic and ginger I believe because it tastes like those chilli dip for chicken rice. The slices of pork are tasty and fresh. We selected mee hoon as the noodle and found that it is thick mee hoon.

Popcorn Loh Mee

Loh Mee. The noodles are soft enough and the broth is not too sticky. Vinegar is available at the stall for customers to add to the broth as much as they prefer.

Hugh Low Street Nasi Lemak

Grilled Pork Chop Nasi Lemak (MYR 11.90 nett) at PopCorn Food Court, Midvalley Mall. We did not want any sambal so they poured rendang gravy all over the rice. The deep fried egg has a nearly fully cooked yolk and very crispy sides. The pork chop is thin and the taste is acceptable.

Lechon Kawali

We ordered the Lechon Kawali Set at MYR 12.90 nett. Lechon Kawali is crispy pan fried pork belly. The pork rind is crunchy.

谷中城的Non Halal 食阁! PopCorn Food Hall@ Midvalley


Uptown Hokkien Mee at PopCorn

My friend says that this Hokkien Mee at MYR 11.90 nett tastes better than the one in town that is more sweet than savoury because this one is savoury and has more wok hei with pork lard taste.

Lan Je Tilapia

Medium sized tilapia at MYR 21.90 nett. I requested for the dark sauce (oyster sauce) to be omitted this time. At first the staff said it could not be done. Later he informed me that it could be done so I guess he must have asked HQ and they gave him some instructions on how to do it. Tasty when steamed without the oyster sauce which I find to be on the salty side.

Egg is Vege

Previously just a small piece of Soong fish costs us MYR 5.80 nett. This time the egg was counted as Vege so this dish was charged according to the price list of 1 meat and 1 vege so it is MYR 8.50 nett which means the rice and egg is only MYR 2.70 nett from deducting 5.80 from 8.50 so it is better to buy according to the price list instead of just taking 1 piece of fish.
Just as Libby said, this fish does have a slight "earth" taste as some would described it. The egg was smooth and tasty with fragrant garlic oil poured over it after it has been steamed.

ABC at PopCorn

I did not like the cendol at PopCorn, Midvalley but my friend told me that she likes the ABC there so I gave it another chance and ordered the ABC (at MYR 4.50 nett) to try. Unfortunately I don't like the ABC here too because the red kidney beans are quite hard so no more 3rd time.

Popular Stall

My friend felt like eating fish so she took just one small piece of Soong Fish (松鱼) from this stall as shown in the photo above. The price of ala carte Fish/Seafood is between MYR 4.80 to MYR 8. We were expecting a worst case of being charged the max price of MYR 8 nett. Luckily they did not go that far and only charged MYR 5.80 nett. I guess if we want to save on eating fish, we would have to cook fish dishes ourselves at home.

WG Popcorn again

Vinegar Pork Trotter with rice at MYR 15.50 nett which I kept half for dinner. There is not much meat but lots of gooey tendon and pork skin but there is one hard boiled egg which makes up for the lack of meat.

Pop Corn Food Hall Midvalley

One steamed medium fish for me at MYR 21.90 nett.
The fish is fresh but there are just too many fine bones to be removed while eating the fish so I don't think I will eat this again after trying the fried version.
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