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    2. last year

    The bowl looked fiery red when it came to the table; there were soft slices of tofu swimming within, and the soup’s colour contrasted nicely with the enoki mushrooms and spring onion garnish on top. The soup was the bomb. Some places cut corners and add more kimchi paste, which means you get watery, ‘flavoured’ soup — but with this, I could really taste the texture of fibrous, blended vegetables, and there was a good amount of kimchi within as well. It was thick and sour, perfect for whetting the appetite, and the slight viscosity meant that the soup clung to each strand of ramyeon for maximum flavour. Did I also mention that the pork slices were super tender and had a great ratio of lean and fat?

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    2. 3 years ago


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    2. 4 years ago

    I just want to mention real quick that this is one of the few restaurants that has one of the best customer service I have ever experienced. This is really rare in Malaysians restaurants I must say. The owner is insanely friendly and all smiles attending to every table's request, looking around at every table every few minutes or so to see if everything is all good. You can see the leadership influence in his staff as they do the same as well. Kudos to the team!! So, let's get to it!