• Address

    130-2 Bangunan Mara
    Jalan Maharani
    Taman Sri Emas
    84000 Muar
  • Opening hour

    7:30AM - 12:30PM
    Closed on Friday
  • Dishes

    [3 years ago]
    Assorted Local Kuih muih ‧ Lontong Champion ‧ Meatball KG.Ku ‧ Mee Rebus Jawa ‧ Meehoon Penalty ‧ Roti Terlajak Mandi ‧ Satay Maharani ‧ Tauhu Lentok
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R&H Cafe , Muah

At muar , MUO people takes satay as their common daily breakfast . We have been greeted by the smell of satay when we step in the shop , At Muar satay serves as breakfast nothing to curious about when you are here . Most of the restaurants opened in the morning when we dizzy in the town of Muar for breakfast . The R&H Cafe is proud to be one of the cafes around that was graced by the Sultan of Johor , a fact that has been photographed , framed and placed the wall of the café .
  • 3 years ago
  • 91 reviews

Satey Pagi ~ R&H Cafe - 36 tips from 1641 visitors

See 268 photos from 1641 visitors about breakfast food, satay, and tauhu. "the best bfast port so far. tried satay, roti manja, and lontong..semua sedap"
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