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Sak Dato Temple 石拿督庙 , Broga

The Broga Sak Dato Temple was built some 140 years ago and it has been rebuilt in 1991 . It has become a popular tourist attraction which offers a good view of the surrounding area and became a perfect spot for your photography location . Stand with antique artifacts and intricate carvings , There wasw a staircase leads visitors to an ornamental arch called “The Dragon Gate” , which presents excellent view of the mountain ranges . Stone sculptures of Chinese folklore characters and giant replicas of local fruits at the side through the hillside garden and Fish ponds to see .

静如生活馆: 【武来岸半日游。石哪督庙Broga Sak Dato Temple】

这是新年期间的武来岸半日游行程住在森美兰州或雪隆区的捧油,如果有兴趣可惜效仿,和家人捧油来个半日小游也不错 武来岸石哪督庙> 石哪督庙文物馆> 午餐: 石 ...

david 3816: Broga Sak Dato Temple (石哪督庙)

It's been a while since my last travel to Broga. My brother-in-law wanted to visit this place after watching My New Village Stories - Broga on Astro AEC (Channel ...
  • 6 years ago

Broga: Sak Dato (Sak Nato) Temple (石拿督庙) - NICK CHAN DOT NET

Broga: Sak Dato (Sak Nato) Temple (石拿督庙) – It’s not just hiking and eating breakfast at Broga that morning, there’s one attraction that should not be missed and that’s the Sak Dato Temple, the local at there call it the Sek Nato Miao.


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