• Address

    232, Gichamaeul-ro, Ogok-myeon, Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
    전라남도 곡성군 오곡면 기차마을로 232 (오곡면)
  • Opening hour

    9:00am - 6:00pm
    Adults (Chimgok Station – Gajeong Station) (One-way): 20,000 won for two-seater / 30,000 won for 4-seater
    *Online Reservation might be required

    Train Village Rail Bike
    Adults (circulation / 500m) 5,000 won for 4-seater

    Steam Engine Train
    Individuals (seated ticket): Round-trip 7,000 won / One-way trip 4,500 won
    Individuals (standing ticket): Round-trip 5,500 won / One-way trip 4,000 won
    Children and others (seated ticket): Round-trip 6,500 won / One-way trip 4,000 won
    Children and others (standing ticket): Round-trip 5,000 won / One-way trip 3,500 won
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    Seomjingang River Rail Bike
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From Old Gokseong Station to Gajeong Station, which include Steam Engine Train and Rail Bike.

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  • 4 years ago

Gokseong - WanderInSeoul 완더린서울

As the chugging came to a halt, we scampered to the handrail for a photo session with this classic steam engine. Afterwards, we boarded the train and retraced our way along the scenic river and flowerbeds to the Train Village.

Footprints of Erica: Gokseong Rail Bike and Steam Engine Train along Seomjingang River 곡성섬진강기차마을

The ride cost about 15,000won for 2 people ride and 22,000won for a 4 person ride.. but I think the price should be higher now.. the duration is about 40 minutes depending on the riding speed.. I personally felt it's quite enjoyable... feels very relaxing enjoying the evening breeze.. Highly recommend to get this ride..