• Address

    B1.046, Basement 1 Floor,
    MyTOWN Shopping Centre,
    6, Jalan Cochrane,
    Seksyen 90,
    Taman Maluri,
    55100 Cheras,
    Kuala Lumpur.
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    [1 year ago]
    Churro (RM5.90) ‧ Long fries (RM9.50)

    [3 years ago]
    Churro Fries (RM7.90) ‧ Filling Churros (RM7.90) ‧ Fruit Ade (RM7.90) ‧ Ice Cream Churros (RM7.90) ‧ O'My Mango (RM9.90) ‧ Original Churros (RM5.90) ‧ Stick Churros - 6 sticks (RM9.90) ‧ Street Churros (RM5.90)
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    Filling Churros
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Street Churros MyTown

A pack of long fries at MYR 9.50 nett. Long fries are basically thin and long sticks made from the same batter as churros. I chose nacho cheese sauce instead of cheddar cheese or spicy sauce because I did not want a spicy sauce and when I asked the cashier on the difference between nacho cheese and cheddar cheese, she said that nacho cheese sauce is salty whereas cheddar cheese sauce is creamier and on the sweet side and I prefer salty. The long fries taste similar to yao zhar kwai (chinese cruellers) but is crispier. I did not count how many sticks there are in the pack but I think there are about 10 sticks.

Street Churros - MyTOWN Shopping Centre @ Taman Maluri - Malaysia Food & Restaurant Reviews

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Taman Maluri, MyTown Shopping Centre; Cuisine: Snack
  • 4 years ago

Street Churros @ Mytown Shopping Centre, My most favourite Churros!

Original Churros RM5.90
Flavour : Cinnamon / Chocolate / Cheese
Dipping Sauce (+RM1.90): Chocolate / Cream Cheese / Butterscotch / Blueberry
Cinnamon churros is the bestseller of Street Churros, it is my favourite too! Every churro is dusted nicely with flavour powder.
  • 4 years ago

Street Churros: Spanish Churro with A Twist @ MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Cheras

I personally feel that the Filling Churro is more enjoyable as the creamy filling melts in the mouth as we bite through the crisp piping hot churro. Again, my favourite is the lightly Cream Cheese filled churro, which is slightly more savoury but not overpowering. Good to try even if you may not be a fan of cheese.
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