• Address

    Cubo Park
    No.6G Mukim 18
    Tanjung Tokong
    11200 George Town
  • Opening hour

    4:00PM - 2:00AM
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  • Price / Fee

    [1 year ago]
    Chilled avocado sago (RM10) ‧ Double Layer Milk Pudding (RM9) ‧ French Toast (RM5.50) ‧ Fried chicken (RM6.50) ‧ Macaroni with ham (RM11.50) ‧ Snow Pear Soup with peach gum and ginseng (RM13) ‧ Two egg tarts (RM6) ‧ 楊枝甘露 Mango Pomelo Soup (RM12.00) ‧ 泡参桃胶炖雪梨 (RM13) ‧ 泡參桃膠燉雪梨 Snow Pear Soup with Peach Gum and Ginseng (RM13.00) ‧ 薑汁蕃薯湯圓 Sweet Potato & Ginger Soup with Glutinous Ball (RM9.00)
  • Dishes

    [1 year ago]
    Water chestnut soup (ma tai lo)
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  • 2 years ago

SYST Penang Thong Sui Cafe @ Cubo Park, Penang

Finally, before we hit off, decided to try out their French Toast @ RM 5.50. This is one of the best, fried to perfection, peanut butter amount is just right. Crust from outside, soft inside. Indeed one of a item must order.

  • 2 years ago

深夜食糖- SYST Penang - Home | Facebook

深夜食糖- SYST Penang, George Town, Malaysia. 481 likes. 港式糖水小吃—— 深夜食堂「糖水」——糖水非彼糖水,可不是在熱水裏攪和點糖. 那麼簡單,而是熬燉 ...

深夜食糖 SYST Penang @ Cubo Park

Here's the location.
  • 2 years ago

SYST 深夜食堂 CUBOPARK @ Chusan, Tanjung Tokong, Penang 槟城最新好去处

我们点了店家推荐的【泡参桃胶炖雪梨】-- 桃胶除了能够抗皱嫩肤美容外,也具有改善糖尿病的症状及胃痛胃炎的功效。
  • 2 years ago

SYST Penang Dessert Cafe @Cubo Park, Tanjung Tokong, Penang

The chilled avocado sago priced at RM10 is definitely one to consider. The flavor of the creamy and smooth treat is balanced with right sweetness. It’s addictive and keeps one feeling full!

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