Tut's Egyptian Eatery - 1 Utama Restaurant

LG333A New Wing 1 Utama Shopping Centre 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama Bandar Utama City Centre 47800 Petaling Jaya Selangor

Who exactly is King Tut? Short for Tutankhamen, this monarch once ruled ancient Egypt over 3000 years ago. Even back then, Egypt was the place to be for traders and royalty, converging traditions and culture from other parts of Africa, Middle East, and Europe. That's what makes our culture so unique today. It's a rich melting pot of diverse influences which you can see in our cuisine too. Imagine a dish made with rice, pasta, lentils, and Middle Eastern spices (link to Koshari Carb Mix). Unlike any other Arab fare, this is Egyptian comfort food at it's finest.

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这里提供了好几种特制的酱料来搭配食物,其中的一样- Nutty Sauce 我非常推荐。结合了好几种坚果磨成浓酱,还带有淡淡的蒜香味,搭配炸物一流,好想问可不可以买一瓶回家哦!
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The Herbal Hot Plate Chicken with Baked Rice RM25.90 is one of the main course in our Tut’s dining session. This land of Nile dish is served with Tut’s secret herbs and sauces, combining tenderly cooked chicken with exotic Egyptian flavour baked rice and vegetables. Personally thinks that this hot plate chicken is a more successful variant compared to Nando’s chicken rice and vegetable set (despite having extra unique spice flavour and juicier texture on the overall dish), would recommend this dish with two thumbs up!
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Reasons to visit Tut’s Egyptian Eatery: a chance to try authentic Egyptian cuisine (a first I believe in Kuala Lumpur); affordable pricing; our top picks are the Molokhia Minced Leaf Stew, Koshari Mixed Grain Bowl, Herbal Hot Plate Chicken with Baked Rice and Om Ali Bread Pudding.