McDonald's - Mid Valley 3 Restaurant

Lot T-029, Level 3 Mid Valley Megamall Lingkaran Syed Putra 59200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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Sweet Chilli Fish Burger I believe the fish is similar to the fish in McD Thai Fish Burger. The flaky white fish fillet is tasty and crispy on the outside. The sauce is sweet but hot and spicy until my friend cannot stand it but surprisingly I could.

Texas Chicken - Mid Valley Megamall Restaurant

LG-012 Lower Ground Floor Mid Valley Megamall Lingkaran Syed Putra 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Founded in San Antonio, Texas, USA in 1952, Texas Chicken is a highly recognized brand name in the Quick Service Restaurant sector and is one of the largest quick service chicken concepts in the world. Texas Chicken serves up freshly prepared, high quality, authentic American Southern-styled fare, to provide customers with value-for-money, complete meal options. Texas menu includes flavorful chicken both Original and Spicy, crispy tenders strips, burgers and wraps, classic side dishes and hand-made from scratch honey-butter biscuits. The Texas system consists of more than 1700 locations in 23 countries and system-wide sales of $1.2 billion.

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Asam Honey Chicken - MYR 6 nett per piece on average. It tastes like sweet and sour chicken so it is quite tasty.
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Each RM 5.50 Crunchy Deals comes with a main meal accompanied by one drink. You can take your pick from not one but four choices of Combo Set offered such as their signature Fried Chicken, Classic Burger, Tender Wrap and Porridge.

A&W - Mid Valley Megamall Restaurant

T-074, Third Floor, Mid Valley Megamall Mid Valley City 59200 Kuala Lumpur

A&W began in June 1919 at 13 Pine Street Lodi, California, when Frank Wright partnered with Roy Allen to help Wright with the root beer business he started that year. The company became famous in the United States for its "frosty mugs," where the mug would be kept in the freezer prior to being filled with root beer and served to the customer. They branded their product A&W Root Beer after their surnames.

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Now that A&W is in Midvalley Mall, I can indulge in a large A&W rootbeer float whenever I want to during weekends.

LIANG Sandwich Bar - Mid Valley Megamall Restaurant

T-043A Mid Valley Megamall Lingkaran Syed Putra Mid Valley City 59200 Kuala Lumpur

If sandwiches are your thing, give Liang Sandwich Bar a try. This unique sandwich consists of a variety of ingredients served between crisp, fluffy scallion pancakes! It has a perfect balance of flavours and textures, as well as a mouthwatering aroma of scallion oil. Heartily endorsed by Chinese superstar Jay Chou, you won’t want to miss this! Order one at Liang Sandwich Bar today.

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Finally I decided to go with the most expensive option - MYR 9.90 nett. Chicken meat or is it chicken ham (I am not sure) with egg and vege wrapped in "pancake". The pancake is a very, very crispy and fluffy version of roti canai. It is so light that I did not even feel like I am eating any carb at all. The sauce has the taste of bonito flakes which is quite nice. It is just right for a small eater like me but won't be enough for a regular eater. I will try the egg and scallion type next time.