385 Prawning & Thai Fishing Restaurant

385, Jalan Dato Kramat 10150 Penang Malaysia

The Largest Prawning and Fishing Pond with Family Entertainment Park and Cafe in Penang

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  • 2017-11-10 00:00:00+00:00
Seafood lovers out there get to enjoy the best of both worlds at one of the new recreational spots in town- 385 Prawning & Thai Restaurant; where you will not only get to do prawn-fishing but also enjoy a sumptuous Thai Seafood meal at the restaurant. Tucked away from the bustling Dato Keramat, 385 Prawning & Thai Restaurant has become one of the latest hit spots in Penang. For Rm 18, fishing enthusiasts can now hone their skills at this facility; any catch within the purchased time frame belongs to the fisher. We are no fishing devotee and naturally, the Thai restaurant becomes our focus. Only opens for dinner, the restaurant does not offer an extensive menu but with the signature dishes, it is more than good enough to please any diners with stubborn Thai palate. Food is competitively priced and the taste does not disappoint; it can be a good spot for a family dinner.
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385 Prawning & Thai Fishing Restaurant which started operating on Dato Kramat Road in Penang is an entertainment park. Set in the side lane next to Convent Dato Kramat, the outlet is not limited to offering a collection of prawning and fishing activities with huge seawater and freshwater ponds. The outlet operated by Raymond Lee and his wife Jenny Goh, also includes a Thai restaurant for customers to enjoy Thai cuisine. The dishes ranging from traditional to popular street food are prepared with fresh seafood, poultry and meat