Perdik Fall Attraction

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  • 2014-10-20 17:07:51+00:00
The waterfall have strong flow, just that dipping pool is really small and shallow.
  • 2012-12-03 00:00:00+00:00
A short jungle trekking trip up to the Air Terjun Hulu Perdik in Hulu Langat.
  • 2011-04-18 00:00:00+00:00
Hiking the track at Sg Perdik is relatively easy and suitable for almost all ages of children. While looking for Sg Perdik, we got lost a bit, coz there's no clear ...


Saga Hill Attraction

  • 2014-03-15 00:00:00+00:00
Got a chance to join up the team for a leisure hike at Saga Hill and soaking session at Apeh waterfall on last year July. Surprised me it was so crowded ...
  • 2013-12-31 00:00:00+00:00
To complete Bukit Saga hiking series, one must done for all the routes (A, B, C & D). Normally, many call it as completed via Route A (famous route). The rest are much tougher and challenging, but I determined to complete Route C this time.
  • 2012-09-27 00:00:00+00:00
Saga Hill (Bukit Saga) is actually just one peak of many on a hill with a large, flat top, near Cheras. After the many mountains that I have been climbing, Saga Hill is definitely a very easy c...