Gunung Bunga Buah Attraction

Goh Tong Jaya, Genting Highlands

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The many plants of Gunung Buah Bunga.
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Trail difficulty rating: Easy-Medium Time In: Approx 4 half hours Time Out: Approx 3 hours (to the trail entrance) Another 1 and a half hours to carpark Recommendation: You'll need to have at least some stamina/ hiking experience, else you'll be crazy tired. If you are a fit bunny, this trail will be easy for you ;) Bring Mosi-guard (or your favourite 'leech repellant' ; people told me that pesticide like Baygon works really well and the all famous remedy: salt, of course when you could see the leech) if you are REALLY afraid/ allergic to leeches because you'll bound to find some inside.