Vintry Melaka Restaurant

54, Jalan Tokong Kampung Dua 75200 Melaka Malaysia

With “Experience Wine” as our catch phrase, the Vintry name is synonymous with all things wine and porky; setting the bar for the quintessential wine bar offering the largest selection of wines with tasty good food!

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Reasons to visit Vintry Melaka: must try the classic Vintry roast pork to understand where it all began; Melaka Portuguese recipes – our favourites were the Aubergine Fritters, Roti Babi and Keluak Pork Ribs; give the Coconut Cendol a try for dessert; THE place for wine in Malacca.


Restaurante San Pedro Restaurant

4, Jalan Daranjo, Perkampungan Portugis, 75050 Melaka, Malaysia

Serves authentic Portuguese cuisines as well as seafood

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Melba at The Mansion Restaurant

The Majestic Malacca 188 Jalan Bunga Raya 75100 Melaka Malaysia

With its original Straits Settlement windows overlooking the Malacca River and Kampung Morten, Melba at The Mansion provides a casual dining atmosphere with two private room options. Offering a variety of dishes stemming from a unique and rare Malaccan cultural heritage known as Kristang, celebrity chef Melba Nunis takes the helm Melba at The Mansion as she lovingly prepares culinary masterpieces from her arsenal of treasured family recipes

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Melba at The Mansion will feature a specially crafted menu from Chef Melba’s collection of treasured family recipes. “The dishes served here at Melba at The Mansion are very close to my heart as they come from the personal collection of my mother, Mercy. I remember how she used to scribble these recipes on little pieces of paper which she kept in an old shoebox,” she said. Chef Melba has kept these time-honoured recipes to this day. Over the course of two days, we ate our way through part of the menu, indulging in delicious, authentic Kristang cuisine, complemented by fantastic service and a cosy ambiance. There are over 40 items to choose from currently; the staff are on hand to offer recommendations should you require.
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Reasons to visit: Semur (beef stew); Soy Limang Terung (aubergine); Pulut Pretu and generally a chance to try authentic Kristang cuisine in a lovely environment.

Sanjuang Restaurant

Stall 3 Medan Selera Portuguese Settlement Ujong Pasir 75050 Melaka

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Please do not go to Portuguese Settlement for "Portuguese" food. It's just a mixture of Nyonya, Chinese, well basically Malaysian taste with exorbitant prices. Also, the harassing crowd is pretty annoying and can be very scary. I would still like to try Melaka's Portuguese food, but definitely not here. Will do more research the next time I hit Melaka!