Patchwork Road パッチワークの路 Attraction

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I dream of wide, open space. I dream of seeing the sky, the land and the air in between. I dream of hills, how I wanted to intentionally slip and roll. I dream of a single tree, a couple of trees, a families of trees. I dream of flowers in bloom, to be surrounded by…
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Biei (美瑛)is a small town surrounded by a picturesque landscape of gently rolling hills and vast fields. A pleasant way to enjoy the charm of Biei is by cycling or driving through the hills and visiting some of the flower fields and famous trees along the way. The area northweat of the town center is named the "Patchwork Road" and the area sourth of the town center the "Panorama Road".

Shirogane Blue Pond 青い池, Aoiike Attraction

Shirogane, 美瑛町 Kamikawa District, Hokkaido 071-0235, Japan