• Address

    Lot 7.01.07 & E7.01.07, Level 7, Dining Loft Pavilion KL
    168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
    55100 Kuala Lumpur
  • Opening hour

    10:00AM - 10:00PM
  • Contact number

    03-2110 4438, 0111-778 6422
  • Price / Fee

    Angus Beef (RM12.90) ‧ Australia Beef (RM12.90) ‧ Bacon Fried Rice (RM26.90) ‧ Butcher’s Signature Roast Pork (RM17.50) ‧ Crispy Roast Pork (RM17.50) ‧ Deluxe Cheese ring (RM27.75) ‧ Deluxe Cheese ring with melted cheddar (RM27.75) ‧ Deluxe Nuernberger Ring Sausage (RM27.75) ‧ Deluxe Nuernberger ring (RM27.75) ‧ Farmers Bratwurst (RM10.50) ‧ Garden Green Salad (RM13.50) ‧ Gourmet sausages (RM10.50) ‧ Grilled Pancetta (Italian bacon) (RM17.80) ‧ Grilled Pancetta (RM17.80) ‧ House-made Sausages Farmer's Bratwurst & Iberico Pork (RM10.50) ‧ Iberico (RM12.90) ‧ Iberico Pork (RM12.90) ‧ Lamb (RM11.90) ‧ Lamb Merquex (RM11.90) ‧ Pancetta (RM17.80) ‧ Pork TomaHawk with Coleslaw & Fries (RM88) ‧ Salted Beef (RM29.50) ‧ Salted Beef with Sauerkraut (RM47.00) ‧ Sausages – Iberico (RM12.90) ‧ Signature Salted Beef (RM39.50) ‧ Smoked Pork Knuckle (RM86.25) ‧ Somersby Sparkling Rose (RM15.75) ‧ The Butchet’s Special Pork Tomapork (RM88) ‧ Tomapork (RM88) ‧ Tomapork With Coleslaw & Fries 700 grams (RM88) ‧ Tomapork with Coleslaw & Fries (RM88) ‧ Vienna (RM10.50)
  • Signature Dishes

    Crispy Roast Pork ‧ Grilled Pancetta ‧ Tomapork ‧ Salted Beef ‧ Signature Salted Beef ‧ Smoked Pork Knuckle ‧ Garden Green Salad
  • Dishes

    Butcher’s Signature Crispy Roast Pork ‧ Garden Green Salad ‧ Grilled Pancetta ‧ In-House Sausages ‧ In-house Sausages (Iberico Pork and Chicken) ‧ Pork Tomahawk ‧ Smoked Quarter Chicken ‧ Tender ’N Juicy Salted Beef
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The Butcher's Table is all about pork and the goodness that comes with it.

We are passionate about making extra crispy roast pork, home-made sausages and house-cured meats.

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  • 1 month ago

THE BUTCHER’S TABLE @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Crispy Roast Pork and their signature Bacon Fried Rice go so well together – a porky match that will satisfy any such cravings!

  • 3 months ago

The Butcher's Table Pavilion KL - Home | Facebook

The Butcher's Table Pavilion KL, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 10K likes. Our Master Butcher Mr Ho who made his name serving Bangsar customers since 1992 at...
  • 3 months ago

The Butcher’s Table @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

The restaurant’s Signature Salted Beef (RM39.50 | RM47.00 with one side) has now became my benchmark for salted beef after my first bite. The beef, served with generous lashings of mustard, is buttery tender and sublime from the curing process as well as slow cooking at low temperature. We had ours with a side of sauerkraut. It has that well-balance moreish salty note and aroma of beefy goodness that is simply irresistible

The Butcher’s Table The Pork Restaurant in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Offers Pure Indulgence Of Porky Treats

Paying homage to pork sausage fans, one simply must order this in-house made nitrate-free, preservative-free crafted sausages.
These bangers turn out to be meaty and good to munch - a result of rich marination. Served together with honey German mustard on the side, each sumptuous piece of sausages was a medley of flavours.
  • 3 months ago

【美食】The Butcher’s Table @ Pavilion KL

这里的环境宽敞舒适, 很有格调, 很适合一家大小或是三五好友来这里品尝美食享受~
  • 3 months ago

The Butcher’s Table, Pavilion, Pork Restaurant

Reasons to visit The Butcher’s Table Pavilion: Pork served in every possible way; excellent quality ingredients without the addition of fillers, artificial additives or preservatives; a welcoming environment, both from the staff and the setting; fantastically priced for both food and drinks.

  • 3 months ago

The Butcher’s Table Pavilion KL: Siew Yuk, Pancetta, Porkilicious Treats

So juicy, succulent and meaty. Portion is huge so it is reasonable at RM88, ideal to be shared in a group of 4 persons. If you cannot finish, don’t waste. “ta-pau” and continue to have them at home, over rice, noodles, or stir fried with vegetables. We test-tried. Superb. Haha.

  • 3 months ago

The Butcher’s Table @ Pavilion KL

The crispy roast pork is another must try here where they come up with the chunky meat. The meat was tasty and well balanced with the thick layer of fat at the top. The skin comes simply crispy where once a bite you can get the crack sound. Yummz!
  • 3 months ago

Pork Tomahawk by The Butcher's Table at Dining Loft @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

The Butcher's Table 也在不牺牲品味的前提下, 为顾客提供最好的服务!
  • 3 months ago

[FOOD] Review: A Hog Affair at The Butcher's Table, Pavilion KL

The Butcher's Table is a haven for pork lovers to enjoy a meaty feast amidst the comfortable loft-style ambiance. If you wish to enjoy the same high-quality meat at home, you can always pop by to buy the chilled / frozen products here for home cooking.
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