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Information & Tips about Yuksom?

How to get to Yuksom?

Desmond Lua
  • 6 years ago

5 hours from Gezing (shared Jeep)
Nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri (NJP). Take a shared taxi to Jorthang (RS 120, 3 hours), from Jorthang take another shared taxi to Yuksom (RS 100). You can hired a taxi (RS 2000) from NJP to Yuksom.
Nearest airport is in Bagdogra. Bagdogra is 25km from NJP (30 minutes, RS 200-250)

Getting around Yuksom?

Desmond Lua
  • 6 years ago

It's a small village/town, walk on foot will do.



  • 6 years ago

Yuksom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yuksom is a historical town in Geyzing subdivision of West Sikkim district in the Northeast Indian state of Sikkim. It was the first capital of Sikkim established in 1642 AD by Phuntsog Namgyal who was the first Chogyal (temporal and religious king) of Sikkim. The coronation site of the first monarch of Sikkim is known as the "Throne of Norbugang". Yuksom is where there is the Norbugang Chorten near the Norbugang throne, the place Namgyal was crowned and several monasteries and a lake. The dynastic rule of the Chogyals lasted for 333 years.
  • 6 years ago

Yuksom travel guide - Wikitravel

Yuksom is a small village in Sikkim. It is said that it was the first capital of Sikkim. It's calm and peaceful; a real get-away for those who want to avoid the tourist crowd.
  • 7 years ago

S I K K I M : Part 5 – Yuksom and Dubdi Monastery | Elton Yoga Blog

Yuksom (5500 ft.) is about 35 km from Pelling. I offer a ride to two handsome men.
  • 13 years ago

Summer in Sikkim IV – Yuksom / Ghumakkar – Inspiring travel experiences.

It was fourth day of our W.Sikkim trip in May 2007. We woke up early and jumped out to see Mt kabur. It was grey outside. We stood there as if we continuously ...