• Address

    Iconic Hotel
    71 Jalan Icon City
    Icon City
    Bukit Mertajam
    14000 Penang
  • Opening hour

    11:00AM - 12:00AM
  • Contact number

    04 5059 988
  • Price / Fee

    Be My Guest High Tea Set (RM98) ‧ Big Brekky (RM28.90) ‧ Chicken Club (RM18.90) ‧ Crabbie Pasta (RM28.90) ‧ Mushy Mushroom (RM24.90) ‧ Nice to Meat You (RM22.90) ‧ Smoked Up (RM22.90) ‧ The Caesar (RM18.90) ‧ Unagi Poke (RM28.90)

    [1 year ago]
    Afternoon Tea Set (RM98) ‧ All Black (RM28.90) ‧ All Black Pasta, Squid ink vongole (RM28.90) ‧ Chicken Mole (RM28.90) ‧ Crazy Shakes (RM16.90) ‧ Double Cheese (RM10.90) ‧ Double Cheese Flavors (RM10.90) ‧ Drew Berry More, 72% Dark Choco Truffle (RM32.90) ‧ Impasta (RM28.90) ‧ Le Souffle & Truffle Double Baked (RM18.90) ‧ Orange Cake (RM10.90) ‧ Orange Ganache (RM10.90) ‧ Pan Fried Snapper with Spicy Seafood Mousse (RM32) ‧ Robust Mushroom Soup (RM9.90) ‧ Salmon Fish Skin (RM15.90) ‧ Skin Care (RM16.90) ‧ Smoked Duck and Pineapple Pizza (RM22) ‧ Strawberry Joconde (RM10.90) ‧ The Impasta (RM28.90)
  • Signature Dishes

    All Black
  • Dishes

    Durian Cream Puff ‧ Durian French Toast ‧ The Beehive ‧ 榴莲口味的奶昔 ‧ 泡芙蛋挞 ‧ 雪糕

    [1 year ago]
    Laichi cakes ‧ Macarons ‧ Mangoes eclair ‧ Salmon canapes
  • Categories

Crumbles & Cream is the perfect place to unwind, indulge and relax with fresh pastries, coffee, ice cream and other delicious desserts.

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Grab & Go Sandwich @ Crumbles & Cream, Iconic Hotel

对了,他们的榴莲雪糕(Durian Ice Cream)还是 青皮榴莲品种制成的啊!味道很不错,吃了非常满足!
  • 2 years ago

Crumbles & Cream

3.9 out of 5 · Based on the opinion of 22 people

Crumbles & Cream @ Iconic Hotel, Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang

The Beehive 的精致白巧克力蜂巢抢夺眼球

Crumbles & Cream

The pastries are prepared in bite-size pieces so that customers can sample them all.
  • 1 year ago

The Beautify and Dreamscape Cafe - Crumbles and Cream @ Iconic Hotel

One of the highlight is Pan Fried Snapper with Spicy Seafood Mousse (RM 32+), an award winning dish that was accoladed silver medalist during the recently concluded Penang International Food Festival (PIFF) Professional Chef Challenge.
We thought the award winning dish is a clever invention that delicately adopting the culinary factor of Asian into a Western dish. The yellowish coloured sauce that comes with a hint of spiciness, along with the natural sweetness from the greens and earthy flavour derived from the mushrooms made a nice complement to the fresh and moist snapper.
  • 1 year ago

Crumbles & Cream @ Iconic Hotel, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

For tummy-fillers, both All Black and Impasta are equally great. The former choice features Squid-Ink pasta with Seafood ala Aglio Olio style while the latter one consists of Shrimp-Chicken filled Tortellini served over Tomato-based sauce, with heaps of minced Chicken and Salsa
  • 1 year ago

Crumbles & Cream High Tea Set & Newly Launched Ala Carte Menu @ Iconic Hotel, Penang

The cafe with a pink fever offers a new high tea in March with a theme Fruit Paradise, featuring abundant choices of cute little desserts made in fruit theme. Priced at RM 98+ for 2 pax including a choice of black coffee or selection or tea, you can have a relaxing afternoon here by enjoying this new high tea set.

  • 1 year ago

Crumbles and Cream @ Icon City, Bukit Mertajam, Penang

One fine exemplary dessert here is Orange Ganache (RM 10.90+). The creative combination of chocolate and orange gives a great balance between richness from the chocolate and sweetness contributed by the sugar. As cocoa tends to give a tad of bitterness, the chef has incorporated some heat elements to give it a slight spicy aftertaste to mask it.
  • 2 years ago

Crumbles & Cream Gets a Facelift

Crumbles & Cream opens from 10am - 12am daily, offering desserts, high tea, main dishes, snacks, beverages of all kind including cocktail, mocktail, tea, coffee, beer, wine and many more. Live music performance is available every Thursday to Saturday from 9pm - 12am. With the new cozy environment, Crumbles & Cream aspires to be the new hotspot in the town for you to unwind yourself.
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